Delta 8 Hemp Tincture

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Suggested dosage guide: This product is highly potent. Start with a lower dose and work your way up. Beginners dosage range from 5mg – 10mg while experienced users dosage range from 10mg-40mg.  Do not exceed the recommended dosage guide.

  • 5,000mg Tincture – Start with 1 drop   (167mg/ml)
  • 2,500mg Tincture – Start with 2 drops (84mg/ml)
  • 1,000mg Tincture – Start with 4 drops (34mg/ml)


  • MCT Oil Base
  • Lab Tested
  • Non GMO
  • No Pesticides
  • Made with Industrial Hemp
  • Made in the USA

Lab Reports

Warning: Hemp Delta 8 products may have an intoxicating effect, use caution. Do not use if
pregnant, nursing, or if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions. Consult your
doctor if using in conjunction with other medication. Do not use while operating a vehicle. Keep
out of reach of children.  You should not take this product if you need to pass a drug test. These
statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat,
cure, or prevent any disease.


Delta 8 isn’t as famous as CBD, but it’s certainly gaining traction in the hemp space. To meet the increased demand for this legal cannabinoid, IHF has created dozens of delta 8-drenched goodies. One of the hottest selling items in this product line is our purified delta 8 tincture. 

Available in multiple flavors and potencies, IHF’s delta 8 tinctures are simple to dose and customize. Anyone new to delta 8 will have an easier time taming this cannabinoid’s potency in a tincture form. As with all of our other products, IHF only uses the best American-grown hemp in our delta 8 tincture.


How Do People Take IHF’s Delta 8 Tincture?

Just like CBD oils, delta 8 tinctures work best when taken sublingually. After measuring your ideal dose in a dropper, place the tincture under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. This simple method gives your tongue’s sublingual glands enough time to absorb delta 8 into your bloodstream. 

Although most tincture customers take delta 8 sublingually, there are a few other ways you could use this extract. For instance, many people enjoy putting a pinch of delta 8 distillate in a glass of juice or water. It’s also possible to make DIY infusions, edibles, and topicals with one of our delta 8 tinctures. 

However, if you’re going to use IHF’s delta 8 tincture in a recipe, please be sure to select the correct flavor. Currently, we offer our delta 8 tinctures in lemon, mint, orange, and unflavored.


How Much Delta 8 Tincture Should Users Take?

Delta 8 may be distinct from delta 9 THC, but it’s not as mild as CBD. Even if you’re used to IHF’s CBD oils, you need to start with a low dose of delta 8 tincture. Taking too much delta 8 too quickly could lead to side effects like dizziness and increased anxiety. 

IHF recommends new users start with between 5 mg – 10 mg of delta 8 per day. As you gain more experience with this delta 8 tincture, you could gradually increase by 5 mg every few days. However, we don’t recommend exceeding a daily dose of 40 mg of delta 8 tincture.

If you have any concerns about dosing IHF’s delta 8 tincture, please feel free to contact our team at (855) 806-4367.


From Citrus To Cool Mint — Try All Of IHF’s Delta 8 Tincture Flavors!

While hemp tinctures have many pros, some customers complain about their “earthy” aromatics. If you’ve tried other delta 8 or CBD oils, you may have noticed this bitter taste when taking these products sublingually. 

To address this common issue, IHF infused all of our delta 8 tinctures with more palatable all-natural flavors. Whether you enjoy orange, lemon, or mint, you can find a tasty flavor profile in IHF’s delta 8 tincture catalog. As a bonus, we now offer an unflavored delta 8 tincture that’s great for sneaking into beverages or edibles. 

If you’d like more info on our delta 8 wholesale offerings, please visit this webpage.

13 reviews for Delta 8 Hemp Tincture

  1. Luke (verified owner)

    I usually wouldn’t waist my money on anything but delta 9, but after an older friend of mine has been ordering a little bit of everything from this company the past 5 months, after trying his delta 8 from y’all I was absolutely impressed, with these drips I will need about 3 full droppers to feel the perfect effect. I wouldn’t pass this up, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. coops123 (verified owner)

    Love this tincture . 5000 mg/30 ml bottle works so good for me . I go flavorless and use 0.25-0.50 a time , it hits real hard and is well worth the money… PLEASE make some vape juice rather then just carts

  3. Jaydee (verified owner)

    I like the gummies 2 hours before bedtime. They are super relaxing. But I like the tincture for social events, .25 ml is just right for me to loosen up and be more social. But without the sleepiness.

  4. Kamie Schmidt (verified owner)

    First I want to say how amazing this company is! I was not feeling anything after 2 full droppers and I had let them know, and they immediately fixed the issues!! (errors happen we are just human) They shipped me a new bottle, and WOW!! This stuff is amazing, and definitely needs to be tried! The natural flavor is spot on, it is no harsh at all and there is no weird aftertaste like some others. This may be my go to for the oil.

  5. Angel Carreon (verified owner)

    Wow…its a creeper careful pretty strong good relaxing effect chilllll

  6. Sean (verified owner)

    I find myself going to this more often than delta9 bud. I definitely recommend swallowing it, instead of letting it rest under your tongue. It takes around 1-2 hours to hit you, and when it does BAM. Feels like I ate some real edibles.

  7. kileyb (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this better than delta 9 for all the reasons stated by far my favorite

  8. Preston King (verified owner)

    Super fire product. Highly recommend you try a drop in a smoothie

  9. Todd Dickens (verified owner)

    Definitely has helped with my insomnia, I will order again.

  10. Jo-Ann Falace (verified owner)

    Wow, I love this product! I take 2 drops during the day and three drops at night to sleep. It takes about an hour or so to take effect and two hours for full effect. This is a keeper for sure.

  11. Aolson

    I took 1 full ml and let me say it wasn’t a good idea. This product is strong and very effective. Good for maintaining a high for pretty much the entire day. I was most certainly pleased and so was my mother who only tried a quarter of a ml and said she had a strong high that lasted for atleast 16 hours. Obviously everyone is different but from our experience with this product I can say it smacked me hard and really made me feel for the money this is an undervalued gem of a product.

  12. Snoodocker (verified owner)

    Great quality, clean taste and adds a lil zip to your day. I combine this w some CBN and CBG disty puffs off my dabber to round it out for my needs and its a full feeling of its gonna be okay. Ty IHF for competitive prices and quality products to enrich our lives.

  13. ACEfin05$$ (verified owner)

    This is quite an amazing product. I am fairly new to Delta 8 in general. I started off at the recommended dose for the 2,500 mg tincture. At 8 drops, I noticed feeling more calm. IThe main change that I noticed is that it makes me tired, so I am more relaxed when I go to bed. For me, I notice when I take a dose at 10 am, by 11am I just want to chill. I will further experiment with my dosing milligrams and how many times a day. IHF have good pricing as compared to other companies that sell Delta 8.

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