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Delta 8 Hemp Asteroids



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Lab Results

  • 19% CBD, 6% CBG, 7% Delta 8
  • 32.5% Total cannabinoids

If you’re ready to fly to another galaxy, IHF’s delta 8 asteroids will get you there. These extra sticky hemp nugs are coated with a layer of pure delta 8 extract. This outer coating of delta 8 THC gives our asteroids their “sky high” status. 

But don’t worry; IHF verifies these beauties have no more than 0.3 percent delta 9 THC. Although our delta 8 asteroids are incredibly potent, they are legal per the 2018 US Farm Bill. 


Delta 8 Asteroids FAQs

What Are Delta 8 Asteroids? 

If you’ve ever heard of cannabis moon rocks, then you have a decent idea of what hemp asteroids are. In a “nug shell,” moon rocks are cannabis flowers with a layer of concentrate and kief. Although traditional moon rocks were only made with high-THC strains like GSC, there are now products like IHF’s asteroids that use legal hemp strains. 

While most hemp moon rocks focus on CBD, IHF’s delta 8 asteroids have higher-than-average traces of the cannabinoid delta 8 THC. While delta 8 is similar to delta 9 THC, they are separate cannabinoids. Hence, even though IHF’s asteroids have significant levels of delta 8, that doesn’t mean they go against US federal law. IHF always ensures our hemp products contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta 9 THC. 

Why Do People Use Delta 8 Asteroids?

The main reason people love delta 8 asteroids is simple: these nugs are incredibly potent! Just one puff of our delta 8 asteroids is enough to feel impressive effects. Anyone who wants to experience an intense blast of delta 8 won’t be disappointed with IHF’s asteroids.

In addition to potency, many people rave about the flavors in our delta 8 asteroids. Smokers will get to enjoy a plethora of naturally occurring terpenes on each of our Colorado-grown hemp flowers. People who love the earthy flavors of cannabis are sure to enjoy smoking our delta 8 asteroids. 

How Do I Smoke IHF’s Delta 8 Asteroids? 

Delta 8 asteroids are basically glorified hemp flowers, which means they work fine in traditional smoking equipment like bongs, glass pipes, or joint paper. However, since these nugs are so sticky, you shouldn’t put them in a grinder. Instead, it’s better to break a tiny piece of IHF’s delta 8 asteroids with your fingers.


Soar As High As The Heavens With Delta 8 Hemp Asteroids!

If you’re interested in leveling up your hemp smoking experience, IHF’s delta 8 asteroids have a lot to offer. While these nugs are federally legal, they are not for the faint of heart. Delta 8 is far more potent than CBD, which means you’ll need less of these asteroids to feel incredible effects. For those who feel prepared for this smoking adventure, please don’t hesitate to order a batch of IHF’s delta 8 hemp asteroids. 


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