Dad Grass Review : Should You Buy From Them ?

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Dadgrass review

Dad Grass is a US-based CBD brand, offering pre-rolled joints and hemp flower products. Its specialty products serve a niche group of customers who prefer CBD in classic smokable form. Its old-fashioned branding is patterned after the typical “dad” stereotype: mature and respectable. This is further emphasized by its red and white packaging akin to vintage cigarette packs.

Apart from packaging, the product itself is of high quality. Dad Grass claims to use only the finest hemp flowers for its CBD and CBG products. It is 100% certified organic and locally grown without additives or pesticides. Apart from products, the brand also offers complimentary merchandise, such as rolling paraphernalia and fashion accessories, all sporting the same branding style.

Another notable feature of Dad Grass is its transparency with product testing. Its website includes a section showcasing its test results from third-party labs. This assures customers that its products are safe to use and free from mold, fungus, bacteria, heavy metals, and other harmful toxins. The results also show the concentrations of THC and CBD in specific product batches.

Top Products

Dad Grass has a small collection of products, consisting of only pre-rolled joints and hemp flowers. The only variations are the concentration, pack size, and packaging design. Occasionally, the brand introduces limited edition products that you can find on the site.

Here is an overview of the brand’s top products.

  • Dad Grass Pre-Rolled CBD Joints are made of 100% organic hemp and do not contain any nicotine or tobacco. It is not trimmed or shaken as stated on the website.
  • Dad Grass Hemp CBD Pre Roll is a CBD joint with .7G hemp. It is available in two pack sizes: 5 Pack and 10 Pack.
  • Dad Grass Pre Rolled Hemp CBD Twoobie™ includes two CBD doobies. Each doobie contains .75G hemp. They are packed together in a tube.
  • Dad Grass Pre Rolled Hemp Classic CBD Joint is a single joint with a higher concentration of 1G hemp.

Dad Grass CBD Hemp Flower has a sophisticated mix of sweet, tart, bitter and smoky flavors. According to the website, it is produced in small batches and undergoes drying, hand trimming, and curing.

Dadgrass products

  • Dad Grass CBD Hemp Flower

The brand’s single hemp variant comes in different sizes: quarter ounce and half ounce. It comes with rolling papers and a two-way humidity control pack. Like the pre-rolled joints, it is also available in limited edition packaging.

Below is a list of brand merchandise, usually available in limited edition styles found on the website:

  • Rolling trays
  • Rolling machines
  • Premium rolling papers
  • T-shirts, tank tops
  • Hoodies, and gym shorts
  • Tote bags
  • Caps, bucket hats, and beanies
  • Pack pins
  • Coffee mugs
  • Bottle openers
  • Hacky sacks
  • Grass trays

What People Are Saying

Dadgrass reviews

Website reviews contain all praises for Dad Grass and its products. Many customers claim it offers the same calming and relieving properties of weed without the “side effects. Some even call it a “mild vice” because of its naturally strong effect.The brand is also known among independent review sites that are curious about its products.

It has appeared on popular e-publications like GC, Vice, and The Daily Beast.

Pricing, Coupons, and Discounts

Dad Grass employs the same marketing strategy that most CBD companies do. It gives a 15% discount to customers who sign up for its newsletter. It also offers price-offs for certain products like bundles, limited edition variants, and merchandise.

The brand has a referral program where customers can earn $10 for every friend who purchases a product. In turn, your friend will also benefit from a $10 markdown on their first order. All you have to do is sign up for the program via the website.

Its most recent feature is the subscription program. Customers can schedule regular deliveries every 7, 14, or 28 days, with an option to cancel their subscription at any time. Although the website does not mention the exact value of savings, customers will spend less through the subscription service.

Shipping and Return Policy

Dad Grass only offers domestic shipping and has yet to deliver products internationally. As a standard, Dad Grass orders take up to seven business days for delivery via UPS or USPS. Customers also have an option for expedited shopping.

It does not offer a refund or replacement for lost, damaged, or stolen packages caused by its delivery providers. In such cases, customers will have to file a claim with its UPS or USPS instead. Refunds are only allowable for products that are returned unopened within 30 days of delivery. If the product received is incorrect, the company will replace your item with no additional cost. For canceling orders, customers have 12 hours to cancel their orders and request a full refund.

In Summary

Dad Grass is a trusted source of CBD joints and hemp flower in the market, and the company makes it a point to prove this. It is transparent with its product ingredients, production processes, and testing protocols. With all that in place, Dad Grass offers a special range of high-quality CBD smokes for its customers.

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