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Cuvee Cannabis Strain Review

July 14, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Cuvee Cannabis Strain Review

Cuvee Cannabis Strain

The bittersweet Cuvee strain brings with its resinous leaves the strong tastes of succulent fruit and chocolate, enveloped together in the sticky smoke that comes from the strain’s burning nugs. With its delicious flavor combo, its dense plumes of delicate, slow moving smoke become more of an incense. And thus, it was only really a matter of time before Cuvee made itself known to the eager cannabis market.

Today, it’s still on the upward climb to next-level popularity, that’s for sure. Since not a lot of farmers can get their hands on the strain’s elusive seeds, its not exactly widely available just yet. But if you ever manage to be lucky enough to find Cuvee through your friendly neighborhood bud tender, you should know better than to risk missing the chance to try this bewitching indica.


The Origins of the Cuvee Cannabis Strain

Daughter of a prominent mother of royal lineage, and a little-known pauper, the Cuvee strain brings together two of the most elusive strains on the market. Just as difficult to source as their offspring, these two parents can be tough to find on the shelves of even the most extensively stocked cannabis dispensaries. Nonetheless, their impressive flavors and intense aromas have found their place in the breeding community as staples for farmers in search of herbs that can really upgrade their harvest.

The Space Queen strain is almost always hailed as one of the best sativa-biased hybrids out there. A cross of the otherworldly Romulan and the sweet Cindy 99, the Space Queen is a powerful, heady, intensely awakening herb that delivers a punch of vanilla, cherries, and temperature fruit flavors that result to a hot-blooded euphoria and a strong sense of energetic well-being.

To create the Cuvee strain, the Space Queen was combined with the much lesser known Pinot Noir. While it isn’t entirely the best known strain out there, this humble herb offers elevated sativa effects despite the indica duo behind its genetics. With a sweet candy and earth flavor, the variety is often used for its well-balanced vigor boost that uplifts a tired, sleepy soul, and imbues the body and mind with feelings and thoughts of wellness and happiness.


Cuvee Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

At a glance, the Cuvee cannabis strain looks like a smooth, dense nug of finely packed leaves. Its nooks and crannies – almost just like slits – are impressively tight, so there’s not a lot of room in between each leaf. This makes the nugs particularly heavy and large compared to a lot of others in the line-up beside it. Another thing, the clusters are much darker compared to their peers, giving them a distinct look that might catch the attention of a curious canna-head in search of something new.

As your friendly neighborhood bud tender twists off that lid, you’ll find the room filled with the bittersweet aroma of the ever elusive Cuvee. This combination of sweet fruit and dark, unrefined chocolate can produce that interesting olfactory tug-of-war, where one part of you wants to just dive in to savor the sweet nectarine goodness, and the other just wants to pull away from the bitter onslaught. And of course, there no surprise as to why the aroma that’s released from the leaves can be particularly powerful.

All over the surfaces of the Cuvee strain, you’ll find a thick coat of trichomes that leaves the impression of a hazy film. This ultra thick and dense forest of little white hairs is what produces the strong Cuvee resin, which in turn contains the cannabinoids and terpenes of the variety. With one of the most exaggerated trichome expressions on the known cannabis market, the Cuvee strain’s terpene and cannabinoid profile also comes out as one of the most copious.


Experience and Effects

Ignite that baby, and its aromatic scent just wafts through the air like a delicate incense. The sweet fruit is easily detectable as the forefront of the smell experience, but deep underneath that fun, fruit exterior, the bitterness of dark, unrefined chocolate attacks the taste buds from the rear. For connoisseurs, the combat of extremes can be a tell-tale sign of a top-shelf strain. But of course, less experienced users who might not be fully appreciative of the complex genetics that contribute to such an experience might find it to be contrary to their palate.

A slight itchiness might come to pass as the smoke moves through into your lungs, but it’s nothing a novice wouldn’t be able to handle. A puff or two in, you should start to feel the effects of the strain which kick-off with a distinct body buzz. This tingling, electrifying feeling can push its way through your spinal cord, traveling all the way through to your limbs. The vibration moves back and forth from your fingers and toes, and back to your neck, creating the feel of an actual buzz.

Once that’s all over, you get a total body-melt that mutes out the static to emphasize the feeling of nothingness. At its height, you should feel relaxed, uplifted, euphoric, and basically contented with whatever situation you’re in. Helping you forget about those woes and worries, this strain can make it easier to find the silver lining in any circumstance.


Growing and Processing

Because of its strong aroma and copious resin production, the Cuvee strain makes an ideal pick for farmers who are interested in creating a range of canna-based products. And because the Cuvee strain is a fast-finisher at just 8 weeks from seed to harvest, it’s also a great choice if you’re looking to farm your herb more than once in a year. Keep in mind though that yields might not be through the roof, with a modest 4 ounces on average, if you manage to grow the stuff right.


Who Is It For?

The interesting flavor combinations demonstrated by the strain have earned it a solid reputation among connoisseurs and veterans who want something that isn’t just flowery and fruity. But of course, if you’re a less experienced beginner, the bittern undertone might make you wince during the toke. In terms of effects however, the Cuvee is pretty well-rounded, appealing to all sorts of users from all walks of life.


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