Critical Mass Cannabis Strain Review

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Critical Mass Cannabis Strain

Often dubbed a farmer’s best friend, Critical Mass isn’t called that way for nothing. This ultra-abundant strain bears a bounty of bud in a short period of time. With its critical mass of cannabis flower dangling from the branches and literally breaking off the stalks, the Critical Mass strain is a smart agricultural commodity for those seeking to make a fat profit off of their humble gardening efforts.

But that’s not all there is to this strain. Soothing and relaxing, Critical Mass hauls a buttload of calm that can get you feeling more sensitive to the stimulation around you. And as your spidey-senses tingle with the full-force of uninterrupted lucidity, the strain creeps in with a dose of giggles and smiles for a truly enjoyable trip.


Origins of the Critical Mass Cannabis Strain

There’s a reason for Critical Mass’ unprecedented properties. The strain combines one of the most popular classics with a favorite landrace, resulting to exact genetics that produce a blissful experience unlike any other. The combination that birthed the Critical Mass cultivar is a combination of the iconic Afghani, and the ever-prominent Skunk – father of the Skunk heritage.

Afghani is a landrace, which basically means that it’s the untouched version of marijuana. Growing in the Afghan planes, this strain packs a blend of euphoria and sedation that can lull you off into an effortless sleep at the tail end of the encounter. It touts an herbal fruity flavor that might not be too sweet, but can be pleasant and satisfying nonetheless.

Skunk on the other hand is the most recent common ancestor for all strains manifesting the quintessential pungent odor. Its offensive aroma and cough-inducing flavor definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s won over the preference of thousands of cannabis-heads who want to relive the glory days. Its creative buzz is mimicked by the Critical Mass strain, but tweaked with a little dose of giggles.



Aroma and Appearance

Even the most experience cannabis veterans will find the Critical Mass bud size to be particularly attention grabbing. Oversized nugs that are tightly packed and dense with trichomes make the Critical Mass cultivar stand-out among others on the shelf. The behemoth nugs’ size can be more than enough to send you straight to check-out, but if you were hoping for a little more than that, then Critical Mass has more to offer.

It gets most of its flavor from the Afghani parent strain, which delivers a fruity herbal dominance over the rest of the notes in the mix. Hints of sweetness puncture through, taking little jabs at the olfactories for added contrast and dynamism. But what you might also notice is that aside from the pleasant spirals of herb and flowers, a tinge of skunk makes its way through.

This pungent odor underlines the rest of the notes in the smell experience, and may make you think twice about the encounter altogether. “Did I really smell that? Maybe I should take another whiff,is a common reaction that people have upon detecting that offensive odor that trails behind the pleasant notes.


Critical Mass terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The billows of flavor can overcome the senses and put you in a state of absolute delight as they taste embraces your tongue and trickles down your throat. The oozing smoke is sensual and slow, dripping its way into your lungs without a hint of abrasion as it passes through the pipes. As your senses are captured in the overwhelming taste and sensation, the cannabinoids infuse into your bloodstream and get to work on your body.

Critical Mass can put you in a state of heightened sensitivity and awareness. This means everything that comes into contact with your body through any of your senses is significantly magnified and amplified, making for a truly awakening experience. But along with the sense of heightened feel, the strain also lends a potent dose of giggles.

As you’re locked to your couch, inspired by all the minute details around you, it’s likely that you’ll feel a heavy tingle weighing down your physical body. At the same time, this tingle travels through the limbs at a rapid speed, making you feel ticklish and giggly at the slightest touch. The result? A couple good hours of senseless laughter and light, effortless smiles that can make anyone feel at total peace with all around them.


Critical Mass Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Critical Mass produces over 6 ounces of bud for every foot of its height, with some plants registering up to 8 ounces per foot which is typically unheard of. The ultra-abundant strain grows in dense clusters around a stalk, breaking its own branches under the weight of its hefty load. While that might make it particularly alluring for the budding business owner, it’s equally important to remember that the tight clusters make it easier for mold to grow and thrive.

For that reason, it’s always better to consider growing the variety indoors. In this way, it becomes easier to manage things like humidity and heat so that mold and other contaminants don’t have the chance to grow. When treated properly, the plant can tower to heights of up to 6 feet – a size the herb can reach within around 7 weeks from planting the seed itself.


Who Is It For?

What’s nice about Critical Mass is that its effects are particularly well-balanced, so novices and veterans can experience pleasant results no matter their level of expertise. Flavor wise, it’s also highly palatable, with a pungent skunky undertone that doesn’t overwhelm the senses.

For budding farmers, Critical Mass can be a wonderful investment. Its highly dense clusters of growth mean that you can double up your payback in just a short span of time. But keep in mind, the ultra-abundant growth can call for special care. If you live in an area with lots of humidity and not enough heat, then the tight leaf placement might make it possible for mold to grow at unprecedented speeds.


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