Cookies Kush Cannabis Strain Review

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Cookies Kush Cannabis Strain

A proud member of the Cookies family tree, Cookies Kush turns heads with nothing more than its name. Having won the 2014 High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup title ‘Best Coffeeshop Strain’, this herb is a mainstay throughout the coffeeshops of the cannabis capital of the world. Light, citrusy, and sweetly aromatic, this variety offers a hint of spice that really elevates its flavor for a unique taste encounter.

Bringing together the qualities of the coveted Cookies lineage and the formidable Kush heritage, this herb lets expectations soar simply with the sound of its name. Fortunately, it works hard to meet those predictions, offering up mind-blowing effects, aroma, and flavor that’s worth nothing short of top dollar.


The Origins of the Cookies Kush Cannabis Strain

Cookies Kush is the proud daughter of the Girl Scout Cookies strain and the OG Kush. These two herbs have somewhat become synonymous with good cannabis, having become the poster children for intense chemistry and stable, consistent effects and flavor. Having risen through the ranks in the past few decades, these herbs have cemented their reputation not only as solid standalones, but also as the reliable backbone of their own family trees.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain – often simply called GSC – is the mother of all Cookies. With her pastry flavor and sweet, berry undertones, the strain has earned its rightful place as a top-shelf herb across the country. A well-balanced hybrid with a slight partiality for sativa properties, this cannabis variety has often been used for its benefits against all sorts of daily discomforts, and its soothing relaxation that mixes with just the right amount of energy.

The OG Kush on the other hand, is a vintage classic with robust, petrol flavor intertwined with skunk and musk. A staple in the stashes of most veterans and connoisseurs, this herb inspires feelings of contentment and happiness while stirring your creative juices to help you formulate thoughts and ideas without any mental clouding.


Cookies Kush Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Cookies Kush nugs are reminiscent of 80’s classics that tout unruly leaf arrangement and reckless tendril placement. These nugs are oversized yet loosely packed, so even the largest samples tend to weigh less than their appearance might demonstrate. Rough and gruff, the surfaces of the nugs are covered in a kief-like substance that douses whatever semblance of clarity and organization.

More than the dusty organic matter that covers the leaves, the nugs are also blanketed in a think layer of fuzzy white hairs. Like the surface of a peach, the Cookies Kush strain glistens with the glossy cover of a thousand little hairs that project from every inch of the leaves. From these hairs, a sticky substance oozes forth, making the nugs look as though they’d been rolled in powdered diamonds.

This powerful resin is what contains the terpenes that give the Cookies Kush herb its aroma – and it doesn’t disappoint. The sweet scent of pastry mixes in with freshly picked fruit and berries, all singing together in a melodious tune with gasoline as its undertone. The strong, punchy aroma pierces through the container at the moment its cap is released, and may overpower a space if there’s enough of the herb in the jar.


Experience and Effects

To say that the Cookies Kush strain is strong bud would be a gross understatement. This stuff will literally rock you to your core. The strong flavors that come from the leaves are likeable to the GSC experience, but on steroids. Strong and obtrusive, the taste of the smoke can be pretty overwhelming even for a veteran cannabis user. That said, just a puff or two should be enough to get you the therapeutic effects you’re looking for.

At first, the herb will leave you feeling relatively unchanged. But as the chemistry courses through your veins, the general lack of change takes your system hostage. As an indica, this stuff will glue you to your seat. The chemistry weighs down the limbs and forces the body into submission as it clouds the mind and releases worry and apprehension. That said, you won’t be thinking about any bad juju – mainly because you might not be thinking at all.

With a sense of wellness and contentment pulsating through your body, this herb can easily wash you off into a state of deep relaxation where breathing is slowed to a minimum, and thoughts are placed at a temporary halt. And as you might expect, the ending is almost always going to be a dreamless slumber.


Cookies Kush Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Most often, varieties that spring forth from heavyweight parents are pretty hard to farm. That’s why you won’t typically find them in a store’s shelves. But despite that, the Cookies Kush strain can actually be reasonably easy to grow. So much so that even a beginner or novice farmer might find the plant suitable as their first ever agricultural commodity choice. Partial to lots of sunlight and fresh air, this herb can grow in full healthy outdoors.

Paying close attention to its needs and how it manifests health can help you pick up what it needs and when it’s exposed to too much humidity. With proper care, this plant can easily grow to about 4 feet in height at best, with a modest yield of just 1 to 2 ounces for every square foot of the plant’s size. Keep in mind though that it could take about 10 weeks for the variety to flower, which is a pretty long time to wait.


Who Is It For?

Just from the way that it tastes, you kind of already know that the Cookies Kush variety isn’t just for anybody. Warding off beginners and low tolerance users with its offensive flavor, this herb isn’t something you’d want to toy with if you’re just starting out with hemp. And because its indica effects can be pretty wild, cannabis users who aren’t fully accustomed to heavy handed calming effects should be careful to overindulge lest they want to sleep through to the next day.


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