Cookies and Cream Cannabis Strain Review

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Cookies and Cream Cannabis Strain

Sweet and doughy with hints of chocolate peeking through, the Cookies and Cream strain packs a delightful mouthful of flavor that’s thick, rich, and impeccably accurate. The tongue tingling strain is best known for its hodge podge of pastry flavor, but it’s definitely beneficial for more than just satiating your taste buds.

The Cookies and Cream strain won the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup as the Best Hybrid of the year, brandishing genetics that deliver an almost perfect balance between the opposing ends of the spectrum. For you, that means a wonderful marriage between relaxing effects and heightened energy.


Origins of the Cookies and Cream Strain

The Cookies and Cream strain does in fact have the Cookies lineage running through its genetic profile. This of course, comes from the ever-popular matriarch of the Cookies family – Girl Scout Cookies or GSC. Often considered the most prolific icon strain across the market, GSC has mothered hundreds of other cannabis varieties, contributing its well-balanced hybrid qualities into the mix.

With the Cookies and Cream strain, it’s not entirely clear which GSC phenotype was used. But what we do know is that the select sub-variety was carefully handpicked, isolated, and crossed with itself to create a stable, repeatable parent strain that resulted to the birth of Cookies and Cream.

The other cannabis strain involved in the mix is the little-known Starfighter. Without too much of an identity of the market, this cultivar struggled to make a name for itself since being discontinued. Nonetheless, there are farmers in the process of reviving the herb, having made it available in seed form yet again. Its hybrid effects combine euphoria and relaxation for an uplifting experience that doesn’t impair physical function or cognitive activity.


Cookies and Cream Cannabis Bud


Aroma and Appearance

The Cookies and Cream nugs look like chunks of organic matter picked up off of the rich substrates of a rainforest’s floor. The bud combines browns and every imaginable shade of green. These intricate strokes of color mesh together, encased in a cage of yellow-orange hairs that bind and intertwine, producing a network that appears to protect the nugs in a cage of tendrils.

Admittedly, the Cookies and Cream strain doesn’t entirely stand out in terms of color. But for what it lacks in diversity of hue, it makes up for with its thick coat of trichomes. The dense jacket – responsible for producing cannabinoids in resin form – sheds light on just how complex a strain’s cannabinoid profile might be.

But if it doesn’t manage to catch your attention with its looks, then the Cookies and Cream strain has another trick up its sleeve – its aroma. The sweet, cookie-like scent can be reminiscent of a fresh tray of homemade pastry treats. Mixing together with a mild diesel bitterness that adds contrast to heighten the sweetness, the Cookies and Cream scent can be nothing short of dreamy.


Cookies and Cream terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The smoke itself can be thick and sticky. During the drag, viscous clouds of sweet smoke flow ever so slowly down into the lungs, leaving no trace of abrasion as it passes through your throat. At the end, a mild gasoline flavor lingers on the tongue well after you exhale, and a sticky feeling of film is left behind on the inside of your mouth.

The effects kick in a few minutes of wait after the last drag. Slow at first, they magnify and graduate into full blown relaxation that clears away cognitive distress. Along with this, a sense of happiness washes over the mind. As the effects of euphoria start to claim the cognition, you should feel an easy-going atmosphere forming in your thoughts. The full-blown effect is a calm, collected joy that makes it easier to smile about the small delights of daily life.

The body – although not heavily affected by the strain – does undergo a few palpable changes as well. The first is a lifting away of physical tension and pressure. These stresses are temporarily removed, making it easier to cope with the side-effects of various types of conditions. Other than that, the strain can also lend a very subtle buzz of energy that can get you to feel a little livelier than usual.


Cookies and Cream Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Taking after its mother, the Cookies and Cream strain demonstrates almost exactly the same growing habits as GSC. That means you’ll experience moderate difficulty trying to get the herb to reach its full maturity. Requiring substantial sun and heat, Cookies and Cream can express its maximum genetic potential under the right conditions.

For indoor growers, Cookies and Cream can be particularly delightful to grow because of its dumpy height. At less than 3 feet at full age, the plant can be the perfect choice for farmers with limited room. Keep in mind however that the fast finishing plant – which takes no more than 9 weeks to produce a harvest – can yield as little as half an ounce for every foot of its height. That means you’ll expect a minimum harvest of 1.5 ounces per plant. Ouch.

Nonetheless, there are private gardeners who will find that the variety produce just enough bud for personal use. So, if you’re a novice gardener or a hobbyist in search of a plant that won’t generate more than you need, then the Cookies and Cream strain may be just enough for your needs.


Who Is It For?

The Cookies and Cream strain is a delightfully balanced hybrid that provides effects that perfectly encapsulate both sativa and indica effects. Without overpowering the system or making you feel like you’ve taken more than you can handle, the strain works well as a daily herb to help do away with the common discomforts that people deal with. For both novices and veterans, Cookies and Cream can be a fun way to better equip yourself for the long day ahead.

For personal farmers, the Cookies and Cream strain offers just enough yield to meet the needs of a single user or those of a modest market. So, if you’re only just starting to kick off your own cannabis brand, then experimenting with Cookies and Cream might be a good place to begin.


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