Cloud 9 Hemp Review

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Cloud 9 is a brand new entrant into the hemp market. The original creators released the strain for production back in 2020. Yet, already this new hemp cultivar is gaining prominence on the market.  Bred to be an indoor plant, it has unique requirements that may not always yield the best results when cultivated outdoors. Made from Autoflower #14 and a Harlequin strain, the buds might remind you of the Kush family, but these are fluffier and fuller looking.

To understand the strain better, we must first look at the parents: Autoflower #!4 and Harlequin Tsunami. These strains are well-known and already liked for their special characteristics, making for strong foundations to cross-breed a brand new strain.

Harle Tsu

Harlequin Tsunami is popularly known as Harle Tsu. It is a well–known high CBD hemp flower that is known for its low-THC content. It has rich terpenes that create an aroma of pine, fruits, and herbs in a heady mixture. The high CBD content has a potent calming effect. It seems to be a hybrid leaning more on the Indica side.

Autoflower #14

Autoflower strains are ideal for growers because the flowering trigger is not light duration but time. This means the plant will automatically flower at the end of a certain period of vegetating.

These strains are the descendants of special landraces native to high-altitude areas where the weather is extreme and harsh. The Ruderalis family has evolved to flower this way. They are also known for their low THC concentration. Members of this family often grow as wild hemp.


Cloud 9 Hemp Flower Effects

The Cloud 9 hemp flower has a subtle mix of effects. They are not immediately noticeable but slowly become apparent as a calming wave throughout the body. The taste and aroma are mild and might become a little more prominent if the flower is of top-shelf quality. The effects will not create a buzz or give you a heady high.

On the other hand, the terpene profile is ideal for those looking for an energetic experience while vaping or smoking. It does not have the usual lemony or citrusy zest that similar strains contain. Instead, it has more floral and herbal aromatic components that are refreshing. It also adds to the calming effect, leaving you alert yet relaxed. As far as hemp flowers go, this is good for beginners. It has a faint similarity to Sour Space Candy, with a subdued, distant relative in the aroma department.

It is not overwhelming and exerts a pleasant overall effect during and after your session. There is a sense of upliftment, which works well in combination with other effects, making it ideal for a round of socializing. Users have also enjoyed being creative or discussing something after consuming this flower.

Potency and Composition

Putting two low-THC strains together has created a low-THC strain that is ideal for the 2018 Farm Bill mandates. Cloud 9 hemp flowers have, on average, is less than 0.1% THC when cultivated, especially for low THC levels. The CBD levels are usually around 12-14%, putting it in the high-CBD strains category.

Most of this CBD is in the form of CBDa, which means it must be vaporized or smoked to get the CBD effect. CBDa converts to CBD on heating, similar to how THCa converts to THC upon heating.

As far as CBD concentration goes, this strain is mid-ground. Some CBD strains are known to go over 20%. So that gives us some more context to this flower. One thing to note is that some of these flowers also contain some THC.

This is usually in trace amounts, below 1%. As discussed earlier, THCa converts to THC when heated. However, it just adds to the entourage effect of the entire flower and makes it that much more therapeutic for the user.


Combining and Pairing

Given the slightly floral and herby aromas that Cloud 9 Hemp flowers have, it is ideal for pairing with buds that smell fruity or sour. Sour Space Candy, which, as mentioned earlier, is one such sour strain, Sour Diesel is another. Cloud 9 is mild enough to sit well with many other strains, especially with different CBD-rich strains to heighten the effects.

Since this is a calming and energizing strain, it is ideal for a midday break when you need to destress but carry on working. This could also pair well with your lunch or post-workout meal.

It is excellent for before workouts because it will give you the calmness and focus required to push yourself. It is not ideal for evenings because you might stay awake past your planned bedtime.


Cloud 9 is an excellent strain for users of all levels. It has a mild, pleasant aroma and taste that makes it attractive to most people. This also makes it ideal for combining with other strains for enhancing the CBD presence.

It has over 12% CBD on average, but that number can go higher depending on cultivation and harvesting. It has a calming yet energizing effect that makes it ideal for daytime use or whenever you need to stay calm but remain alert and present.

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