Chocolope Cannabis Strain Review

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Chocolope Cannabis Strain

You know those slow afternoons, when your heightened morning energy starts to wane and the sleepiness starts to overpower your system? Yeah, Chocolope was pretty much made for those moments. Often dubbed the perfect late afternoon trip, Chocolope is a strain that inspires and reinvigorates, elevating your energy levels and shifting your cognition to help you power through your responsibilities.

Shooting a well-deserved dose of power through your body, Chocolope is a stellar heavy-handed sativa strain that brings you through a process of total rebirth. Say goodbye to that tired, sleepy disposition and awaken your body anew – all enveloped in chocolatey goodness.


Origins of Chocolope

The Chocolope strain was first developed in the early 2000’s as a tribute to the classic chocolate flavored strains of the 80’s. As the industry progressed, more and more buyers became interested in cannabis strains that delivered fruity, floral flavor blends, and thus chocolate strains took a back seat. But with the dawn of Chocolope, the flavor profile was revamped and once again made its way to our collective consciousness.

Its first parent – the Chocolate Thai – is what you might call an ancient landrace that was first brought to the public in 1960. What made it particularly popular is its seriously lip smacking flavor that combines sweet chocolate with bitter coffee. But more than its flavor, Chocolate Thai’s slow growth and almost always male plant made it exceedingly difficult to find, thus adding to its treasured status. Today, it’s believed that Chocolate Thai no longer exists in its pure form, but there are off-shoots that try to mimic the original herb’s properties.

The second parent is the Cannalope Haze, little-known sativa that brings together the powerful genetics of the original Haze and the Mexican landrace. Together, these two strains produce an herb that’s geared towards mitigating an assortment of daily woes and discomforts – from cognitive tension to physical stress. And with that, it’s often favored as one of the best strains for making extracts and concentrates.


Chocolope Cannabis Bud


Aroma and Appearance

Chocolope’s beautiful golden nuggets are dense and large, severely oversized compared to most of its peers. The beautiful, brilliant nugs are painted with streaks of earthy green and brown hues, which wrap around the golden undertones to add a touch of dynamic appeal to the herb’s overall aesthetic. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that the shining, glistening exterior is made possible by a thick coat of trichomes that cover every inch of the herb.

If Chocolope’s look just wasn’t enough to get you to take the leap, then it’s aroma definitely will. The intoxicating scent can easily consume your senses, putting your olfactories into a state of absolute submission. Blending together the scent of chocolate and the deep aroma of coffee, Chocolope is a strain that doesn’t fall short of the expectations set by its interesting name.

Hints of wood, char, and earth jab through the curtain of chocolate, but all in all, the sweetness of cacao powers through, even giving the strain a slight pastry-like profile that can keep you sniffing for hours on end.


Chocolope terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Chocolope is a hard-hitting sativa strain that means business. From the moment it caresses your tastebuds with its bitter coffee smoke, it breathes new life into your system. During the toke, coffee takes over as the main constituent of the flavor experience, with hints of chocolate peeking through the strain’s bitter foreground.

The strains cannabinoids shoot straight through the system and start to take effect within mere minutes of a drag. The first thing you’ll notice is a pang of clarity that brightens the mind, lending a gentle feel of euphoria and elevation, putting a smile on your face and perhaps even making you feel a little gigglier than usual. The strain’s cognitive effects continue on and travel down the spine, reverberating through to the limbs to impart energy that buzzes through to the very core of your being.

At the height of the experience, you get a well-deserved dose of vigor that completely turns your disposition around. And with the renewed mood and heightened energy, the Chocolope strain promises to see you through the day’s load of work with unrelenting productivity and motivation.


Chocolope Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Chocolope’s parent strain – Chocolate Thai – is notorious for being one of the most difficult cannabis strains to propagate because of its almost completely male genetics and its ultra-slow growth. And that’s why it was bred together with the Cannalope strain to lend a semblance of manageability. The result is the Chocolope – a strain that’s easy to grow, quick to finish, and highly rewarding.

The Chocolope strain takes no more than 7 weeks to reach harvest time, and it produces a bountiful yield of up to 6 ounces for every foot that it grows. And because it can reach heights of over 7 feet tall, the plant is definitely gratifying to bring to maturity.

With its Cannalope parent’s genetics running boldly through its code, the Chocolope strain is yet another good choice for producing products like concentrates and extracts. With benefits against common daily discomforts – especially those that eat away at productivity – the strain makes a good raw material for instances where you might need a quick dose of energy and clarity.


Who Is It For?

Chocolope’s flavor profile makes it a highly tolerable strain for users of all sorts of experience level. Its decadent flavor is exceedingly pleasant and satisfying, so even newbies and rookies will find it just perfect for their first cannabis experience.

In terms of its effects, the Chocolope strain promises potent sativa leaning effects that won’t consume and overpower, so you’ll still feel totally in control even as the strain’s complex cannabinoid profile courses through your system. If you were hoping to grow your own little garden of cannabis, Chocolope’s rewarding growth might just be the perfect starting point to gratify your effort at the soonest possible time.


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