Cherry Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

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Cherry Cookies Cannabis Strain

A direct descendant of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain, Cherry Cookies is a formidable member of the Cookies family, delivering what some users claim to be high-grade wellness benefits that work against a variety of typical bodily and cognitive distresses and discomforts. Often compared to the iconic GSC, Cherry Cookies varies only in flavor and ever so slightly in terms of effects, pushing its rapidly rising popularity throughout the known Cannabis market.

While its cute, unassuming namesake might make it seem like a walk in the park, Cherry Cookies delivers intense effects that can bring even the most experienced and most discriminating Cannabis users to their knees. Often reserved for those with a little more experience taking hard-hitting Cannabis, Cherry Cookies is ideal for individuals who know how to handle a strong, sativa-leaning hybrid.


The Origins of Cherry Cookies

Cherry Cookies owes its popularity partly to the fact that it comes from a hailed ancestry. Its parents – both prominent figures in the Cannabis industry – have both risen through the ranks to become some of the most coveted hall of famers to date. So, it was really just a matter of time before buyers would recognize the same stellar intensity of effects and impeccable flavor that Cherry Cookies gets from its parents.

Those who engineered this interesting variety took the Cookies F2 phenotype of the classic GSC. The balanced parent touts the same doughy, pastry taste of its parent strain, but throws in a little more sativa chemistry by leaning slightly more to the awakening end of the effect’s spectrum.

Cherry Pie is the second parent to join the mix. Favored for its intensely sweet cherry flavor, Cherry Pie is a slightly sativa biased hybrid that’s controlled, measured, and collected. Its sweet cherry taste is really the focal point of the experience it brings, making it one of the most ideal crops for farmers looking to cultivate their very own, flavorful herbs.


Cherry Cookies Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Cherry Cookies is characterized by large, dense nugs that tout bright yellow and green colorways. Its tendrils – fine and curly – are mostly yellow-orange, making the nugs look as though they’d been rolled in finely grated cheddar cheese. Some samples may demonstrate other colors in their leaves, like purples and pinks, but for the most part, Cherry Cookies’ bag appeal relies mostly on its thick trichome layer.

As though left outdoors during the dead of a Canadian winter, the Cherry Cookies herb is coated in a thick frosty layer of fuzzy hairs that trickle with thick and sticky resin. This cannabinoid-rich excretions also let off the rich, sweet aroma of the strain which can leave a thin film on your fingers after handling.

On the topic of scents, the Cherry Cookies strain smells a whole lot like its GSC parent. With hints of spice and citrus, the herb smells mostly like what you would expect after stuffing your nose into a box of thin mints cookies. Of course, there’s always going to be that gasoline end note, but it’s nothing a novice wouldn’t be able to handle.


Experience and Effects

The Cherry Cookies herb produces a strong-smelling smoke that definitely mirrors its aroma, but also tweaks the overall encounter. Like a slightly skewed Girl Scout Cookies taste, Cherry Cookies can be described as a slightly off, slightly rancid version of its original parent. Certainly, you wouldn’t exactly describe it as disgusting or unpalatable, but even the least experienced of rookies would be able to tell that there’s something that isn’t entirely right about the flavor.

Once you get past that initial palate confusion, the strain then rapidly moves you into a state of absolute energy. The heightened vigor can fuel your motivation and make you feel like you’re bursting at the seams with an excess of power. That said, it would be wise to make sure you’ve got a bunch of stuff to do to release the elevated energy levels. Otherwise, you might expect to feel a little jittery and perhaps even nervous as the vigor surges through your body without a designated channel.

Long-lasting and intense, there are a variety of effects you can expect from Cherry Cookies aside from its increased energy. An awakened appetite, a sense of euphoria, and elevated levels of creativity and mood are the most common markers that you’ve reached the tippity top of the experience, forcing you through the most common effects of a quintessential sativa strain.


Cherry Cookies Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Cherry Cookies can be a tough cookie to grow, being that it’s not entirely resilient against a wide range of cannabis plant conditions and diseases. That said, you might want to consider growing your crop indoors where you have the leverage to manage all the various elements and variables that your plants might need in order to fully thrive. Remember though, that because it is a sativa plant, the Cherry Cookies herb may grow up to 6 feet in height, which will require quite a lot of space if you’re growing within a confined space.

With a yield of about 3 to 6 ounces per square foot of growth, the best way to encourage Cherry Cookies to yield more bud would be to prune the plant all throughout its growth. Cutting off the outer leaves gives more room for the plant to spawn new branches which in turn produce more leaves. Within about 8 weeks or thereabouts, you should expect to get your hands of a substantial harvest.


Who Is It For?

Best reserved for those who have had extensive experience using Cannabis, Cherry Cookies isn’t what you would describe as a starter strain. Novices and rookies who have yet to fully understand what an intense sativa is would best distance themselves from this unrelenting herb, unless they’re cautious to manage their doses. And because the cultivar is known to heighten productivity levels and creativity, it also makes a suitable choice for users who want to maximize what they can do with their time as they’re fueled with the power of a truly energizing strain.


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