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Cherry CBD Hemp Flower

Cherry CBD Hemp Flower

Our premium Cherry hemp flower contains under 0.3% Delta-9-THC. IHF LLC is licensed with the Colorado Department Of Agriculture and the United States Postal Service to ship to all 50 States.

  • Indoor Grown
  • Visible Crystals
  • High CBD Content
  • No Seeds or Stems
  • Diverse Terpene Profile
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Cherry CBD hemp flower is the finest Colorado-grown strain on the market. Our local soil is rich in alkaline and topped off with organic compost to provide each of our mother plants with just the right mixture of sweetness and minerals.

Colorado soil contains high concentrations of magnesium and lends this superior strain a heart healthy quality. Since alkaline-based soils tend to be far less soluble than others, we have infused our beds with added nutrients to fortify them throughout the growth process.

The result is Cherry CBD hemp flower, some of the sweetest and strongest buds around. Both euphoric and relaxing, Cherry CBD hemp nugs are frosty, floral and blissful. Each nug bristles with a wide cross-section of red hairs and trichomes.

A top of the line daytime strain, Cherry possesses an intoxicating aroma of nuts and earth. A woodsy favorite with a fierce finish, Cherry was developed from an Afghani lineage and grown locally in our cutting edge facilities.

This indica dominant strain will have you on the mend every morning. Just pop your cherry and you’ll cheer right up. Check ’em out today and let us know what you think of our tastiest buds. Sweet like honey, tart like apricot and capable of filling a room with the scent of Mother Earth, Cherry CBD hemp flower will leave you giddy and grateful.

Contains high concentrations of b-caryophyllene, farsenene, humulene, limonene, linalool and myrcene. Precise amounts may vary at manufacturer’s discretion.

Our chemicals are appropriately analyzed and approved prior to distribution. Industrial Hemp Farms‘ CBD hemp flowers have been found to be below 0.3% THC before harvest. Precise concentrations may vary from strain to strain. This product is Farm Bill compliant and comes with proper legal certification.

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