Cherry Blossom Strain Review

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Cherry Blossom Cannabis Strain

Let’s be clear – not a lot of people know about the Cherry Blossom strain. In fact, we’re not even sure where it comes from. While many experts can only speculate the how’s and why’s of this mysterious cultivar, one thing is certain – it’s a killer indica strain that’s bound to buckle your knees. Authoritative and compelling, this enigmatic cannabis variety combines a blissful berry aroma and hard-hitting effects that make its mysterious roots even more interesting.

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The Origins of Cherry Blossom

We’re not even entirely sure who bred it and what they put together to come to this fruity, berry-rich result. But what we can speculate is that at least one of its parents is the Berry Blossom strain. The other is likely a 50-50 cultivar with slightly energizing effects, giving the Cherry Blossom offspring its slight sativa-like qualities that create the backdrop for its forcefully relaxing indica dominant profile.

The Berry Blossom cultivar gives off a floral aroma with hints of berry and fruit taking jabs at the senses between strong whiffs of the fragrant flowery foreground. In terms of effects, it’s light, easy-going, and adaptable, allowing a sense of relaxed calm to take over the body without sedating beyond control.

The Effects of Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom takes her time. This slow-acting strain doesn’t really make a strong entrance, leaving you feeling relatively unchanged for a pretty long time after you take a toke. The effects can be described as insidious, slowly but surely taking over your body as time wears on. Most users won’t notice the effects until they’re full-blown.

The strain will first take your limbs hostage, allowing a sense of feather-light relaxation to overcome your muscles. Lifting away tension and stress, the feeling can make your body feel like it’s a hundred pounds lighter, as though waiting to just flutter away with the wind. You’ll know the strain has taken full effect when your head starts to feel the same light pleasant emptiness that relieves cognitive stress and allows a more carefree disposition to take center stage.

With lower CBD levels, the Cherry Blossom strain can be a good choice for low-tolerance users and first-timers. The strain is easy, effortless, and uplifting, releasing all of that good juju so you can enjoy a sense of inner peace and a pleasant disposition.

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The Cherry Blossom Flavor Profile

It’s safe to say that the Cherry Blossom strain gets most of its flavor from its Berry Blossom parent strain. The fruity, berry flavor is laced with notes of floral undertones, making it a real treat for low-tolerance users. The sweet nectar-like aftertaste makes the entire experience rather pleasant and effortless, perfect for those who might not enjoy the strong, pungent, or skunky qualities of more robust cultivars.

While purists might find it a bit of a lightweight, the Cherry Blossom strain finds its rightful place among another lighter, brighter strains with easy flavors and charming aromas. So, if you’re in search of something uncomplicated and easy, then Cherry Blossom might be for you.


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