Ceiba Hemp Flower Review – Everything You Need To Know

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Ceiba is a high-quality, Sativa dominant CBD hemp cultivar that originates from Vermont. Ceiba flowers are usually frosty and dense, covered with trichomes, and packed with terpenes. It is excellent for rolling, extracting oil, and of course, vaping. The aroma, flavor, and effects are absolutely top-shelf quality and make for an exquisite hemp experience.

It is a potent strain that will help you release your stress and uplift you, which CBD flowers are meant to do. Ceiba does it exceptionally well. This strain inherits from its well-known parent strains because of their high-quality genetics. So, let’s start by looking at the genetics first.

Ceiba Hemp Flower Genetics

Ceiba is a cross between three potent and well-loved hemp strains. Created by Northern Roots Nursery, this expertly bred cultivar was made by combining Cannatonic with Harlequin and Sour Tsunami.

A Sour Tsunami x Harlequin cross was bred with Cannatonic, finally arriving at Ceiba. The level of expertise that went into breeding this strain is visible in the results. You get the best of all three of the parent strains. A high concentration of active phytocannabinoids complements the dense structure. The flavor profile is top-notch. The proud heritage expresses itself very prominently in the Ceiba strain.


Ceiba Look and Feel

Ceiba inherits its good looks from its lineage. The colas at the top of the plant have beautifully shaped large buds that taper at the top like a spear point. The buds towards the lower nodes tend to become more rounded while holding the same dense quality.

The buds are sticky and frosty, with a large amount of crystals. Most of this is CBD, as the lab certificates will quickly show. Buds of this quality are usually processed by hand; thus, they retain their beautiful structure when they reach the buyer.

The nugs usually come apart easily and stick back together easily when making a bowl of them. You will likely not need a grinder with a properly cured herb, especially because some of the crystals are dislodged during the grinding process. A metal scoop is ideal for pacing them into a vaping chamber. The aroma will hit you as soon as you open the bag, which announces the high terpene concentration of the flower.

Ceiba CBD hemp Flower Strain Terpene Profile

Ceiba is a flower packed full of aroma and flavor. It has pungent yet sweet and spicy overtones, with earthy and herbal undertones most prominent on the tongue. Vaping this bud will give you an experience that is hard to compare with any other bud. The high terpene content will leave your nose tingling with pleasure and your tastebuds delighted by the flavor.

At about 9mg/g terpene concentration in this bud, it is clear where all this aroma and flavor come from. The primary terpenes include Bsabolol, Caryophyllene, Pinene, and Humulene. Secondary terpenes (lower in concentration) include Limonene, Terpinolene, Guaiol, and Ocimere.


Humulene has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and has dank, earthy tones that remind you of hops and dry wood. It also has an appetite-suppressant effect. Pinene is the most recognizable terpene because it is associated with pine forests, pine cones, and needles.

It improves alertness, produces a calming effect, improves cognitive functions, and has many other therapeutic properties. It gives Ceiba an earthy and herbal aroma that is very familiar and uplifting.

Caryophyllene adds a touch of heat and spice to Ceiba, reminding you of clove. It has powerful therapeutic effects, one of which is its ability to clear away dead and decaying cells by triggering cellular apoptosis.

Bisabolol lends a citrusy, floral note to the flower. It adds that lemony freshness to Ceiba that is further enhanced by the presence of limonene. Known for being a powerful antioxidant, it is also naturally calming. A common source of this terpene is Chamomile, also known for its calming and healing properties. Ceiba is thus high on therapeutic value, especially when we look at the cannabinoid profile.

Ceiba Phytocannabinoid Profile

Ceiba is a potent CBD hemp strain known for producing high concentrations of CBD and other secondary cannabinoids. Prominent among the secondaries are THC-A and CBC, both known for their high therapeutic effects.

This strain usually boasts over 20% cannabinoid concentration, out of which 15% or more is claimed by CBD alone. This explains why this strain is very effective as a calming, destressing flower that immediately uplifts you.

The concentration level is enough to make you feel the effects soon after your first toke. A few tokes should get you amply relaxed and make you feel happy. At over 20% cannabinoid concentration, this is by far one of the most potent CBD flowers on the market.

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Ceiba is most loved for its ability to make you feel calm, relaxed, and optimistic. The entourage effect created by the terpenes in consort with the cannabinoids effectively uplifts the darkest of moods.

The cerebral nature of it is in sync with its Sativa dominant nature. Even though there are other flowers out there with higher potency, the beautiful balance of flavor and effects on the Ceiba is almost peerless.

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