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Enjoy a restful and rejuvenating sleep with our premium CBN Isolates. Our exceptional CBN isolates are sourced from the finest hemp plants cultivated in Oregon. Each 1g container boasts an impressive purity level of up to 99% CBN, completely devoid of any THC.


CBN specifically facilitates a healthy sleep cycle, making it an ideal option for individuals facing difficulties in falling asleep or unwinding. CBN interacts with various endocannabinoid cell receptors, namely TRPA-1, TRPV-2, TRPV-3, and TRPV-4, inducing a profound state of relaxation that brings solace to both the mind and body. The combination of our CBD isolates accentuates this effect, providing a heightened sense of tranquility and serenity, enabling a truly deep and revitalizing slumber.

Why select IHF CBN Isolates?

In an unwavering commitment to excellence, all our CBN isolates undergo extensive third-party laboratory testing to ensure the attainment of the utmost quality standards.

– Non-GMO, reflecting our dedication to offering products free from genetic modification.
– Completely free of THC, ensuring an experience unencumbered by any psychoactive effects.
– Exempt from the presence of pesticides, safeguarding your well-being and peace of mind.
– Devoid of heavy metals, assuring a purity that aligns with our unwavering standards.

Product Specifications:

Each 1 gram of our CBN Isolate encapsulates an impressive concentration of up to 99% or 1000 mg of pure CBN, providing unmatched potency and efficacy.


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