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What is CBG

Cannabigerol, CBG or CBGA, is a cannabinoid produced naturally in marijuana and hemp plants as cannabigerol acid. CBG is notable among all other cannabinoids as being the precursor to each one of them, lending to its nickname: The Mother Of All Cannabinoids. In particular, it has a direct link to the three most significant and abundant cannabinoids: THC, CBD, and CBC. Therefore, the more THC a cannabis plant contains, the less CBG and vice-versa.

CBG Distillate vs. Isolate

One key difference between CBG distillate and CBG isolate is their form. CBG distillate is in liquid form, and CBG isolate is in powder form. This matters for several reasons, a key one of which is how you use it. Both CBG distillate and isolate offer greater purity, cleanliness, potency, and shelf-life than other forms of isolated CBG or cannabis.

CBG Distillate

It is produced through the process of chromatography, in which hemp distillate is evaporated in such a way as to isolate all its individual cannabinoids, including CBG. This chromatographic method is one of the cleanest and most advanced for producing pure cannabinoid concentrates. One of its key benefits is that it retains many of the other therapeutic components of the cannabis processed to make it, including terpenes, antioxidants, vitamins, and waxes. You can use CBG distillate to make tinctures and oils.

CBG Isolate

CBG isolate is 99% pure CBG. It has a look and feels much like powdered sugar. If you want to make your own CBG gummies, topical solutions, shatter, capsules, and other kinds of concentrates, CBG isolate would be an ideal form to use.

CBG Uses & CBG Distillate Benefits

CBG may support the production of an endocannabinoid called anandamide. Anandamide heightens dopamine levels in the body and helps to control an array of physiological functions, like appetite, mood, and sleep. 

As for the question of whether or not CBG gives you a “high” like the one commonly associated with THC, not only doesn’t CBG produce any psychoactive effects, CBG in large doses has actually been found to inhibit the psychoactive effects of THC.


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