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CBD for The People website

CBD for the People offers a range of CBD products designed to make high-quality cannabidiol accessible to everyone. The company focuses on quality, and it uses a third-party lab to complete full-spectrum results for every single step of the extraction process. The testing confirms that the products are free from pesticides, heavy metals, microbiological contaminants, and residual solvents.

Additionally, all of the ingredients in CBD for the People products are organic and certified non-GMO. The company ensures traceability of its products from the seed to the shelf. The products are also vegan and American-made.

Part of the mission of CBD for the People is to create affordable products, which they achieve via competitive prices.

Top Products from CBD for the People

As mentioned above, CBD for the People has a wide selection of CBD and hemp products. These include dark softgel capsules, premium hemp flower, dark tinctures, and Uncut CBD vape cartridges. Other categories include sweet wax hemp, dark gummies, isolate tinctures with 0.00% THC, dark topicals, battery kits, and CBD FTP gear.

One of the most popular products is the Pre-Heat Battery Kit with Charger, which is designed for use with FTP cartridges. This kit is 510-thread compatible and has variable voltage with preheat settings.

Many of the vape cartridges from Uncut are also popular among customers. The 1,000mg @ 40% CBD Uncut Wax Cartridge, for example, has a five-star rating with 657 customer reviews. Like the other cartridges from CBD for the People, this product is 100% additive-free to give you an organic CBD vaping experience without potentially harmful additives. There are no preservatives, additives, PG or VG, cutting agents, or artificial flavors.

You will notice that there are various other sizes and concentrations available for the Uncut cartridges as well, most of which have numerous 5-star reviews.

The 1,200MG, 30ML bottle of Dark CBD Oil Tincture is also a bestseller. It is an unrefined, dark, full-spectrum extract that uses organic MCT oil as a carrier oil. It has no preservatives, artificial chemicals, PG, or VG. It also has a delicious natural taste that is reminiscent of tea. All flavors in the tincture come from raw and organic terpenes from fruits or other plants. Like the other products already mentioned, it also has a five-star rating, this time from 49 reviews.

Cbdforthepeople products

Yet another product with a 5-star rating is the 600MG Dark Unrefined CBD Salve/Topical (Lavender). This is the brand’s first Unrefined Salve, and its ingredients list includes lemongrass, tea tree, and lavender terpenes. It is also made with organic coconut oil, unrefined organic shea butter, and organic candelilla vegan wax. Like the other products from CBD for the People, it is completely free of preservatives and artificial chemicals. CBD for the People also points out that you only need a tiny quantity of salve for each use, so it should last for a very long time.

Among the flowers, one popular option is the Pre-Rolled Joints pack of seven with matches. They contain more than 27% CBD.

What People Are Saying

CBD for the People has an excellent reputation, as it has been mentioned favorably in Yahoo! Lifestyle, LA Weekly, Weedmaps, Entrepreneur, CBD Oil Review, CBD Clinicals, Leafly, and Real Tested CBD.

If you look at the CBD for the People website, you will see reviews for individual products as well. Many of these reviews are positive, with many of the company’s products having hundreds of 5-star reviews.

CBD for The People reviewCBD for the People Coupons and Discounts

New customers get an easy way to save ten percent off their first purchase. You just have to sign up for the newsletter to get a coupon code.

A great option for instant savings is to take advantage of one of the many bundles that CBD for the People offers. These are ideal if you want to buy multiple products, and deals start with packs of just two items. You don’t have to choose a very large bundle to get savings.

You can also apply for wholesale pricing, but that is mostly geared towards businesses and resellers.

CBD for the People Legal Compliance 

According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the CBD for the People website, all CBD for the People products have less than 0.3% THC and are 100% non-psychoactive. The disclaimer also states that the company’s products aren’t FDA approved (as the FDA doesn’t approve CBD products). These products are not to be used for treating or curing any disease.

That combination of disclaimers should clear up any compliance concerns you have about CBD for the People. The company has a dedicated page on its website for lab test results. You can browse the page or scan the QR code on your product to see the results. You can easily view the lab results yourself to confirm that all products from the company have less than 0.3% THC.

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