CBD OG Strain Hemp Review

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The CBD OG hemp flower strain sounds quite impressive. Riding on the coattails of the famous SFV OG cannabis strain, where the OG part in its name comes from, it also benefits from the Lion’s Tabernacle cannabis strain. Breeders crossed these two famous and critically acclaimed strains to produce the CBD OG hemp strain. As is evident from the OG mantle, the famous OG Kush strain plays a vital role in the family tree,

Now, as you would expect from a name like that, it is not a strain known for its high THC content. This is a CBD strain that is hailed for its high CBD concentration, making it an ideal fit for the post-2018 Farm Bill CBD market. We will be taking a close look at the CBD OG hemp flower strain. Let’s start by exploring the parent strains.

CBD OG Lineage

Created by the well-known strain master Cali Connection, CBD OG crosses between SFV OG (also known as San Fernando Valley Kush) and Lion’s Tabernacle. SFV OG is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain developed by Cali Connection. It is ideal for those who need a lot of pain relief but don’t want the sedating or lethargic effects of cannabis.

It has a quick onset for the head, followed a little later by the body. The main notes are of lemon and pine. It is pretty aromatic and is also parent to the Afghani cross called SFV OG Kush.


Lion’s Tabernacle, on the other hand, is an Indica strain. It has its origin in the United States. It is known for its intense euphoric high and strong aromatic presence. The nose can detect fruity, spicy, and herbal notes with a taste to match. It has a strong terpene profile, just like SFV OG. The strain is a cross between Jamaican Lion and Tabernacle. So it has a complex lineage that is heavy on the Jamaican influence.

Such is the complex genetic history of CBD OG; it is easy to see where the strong terpene profile comes from. It is no wonder it has won multiple awards, including the 2015 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup in the Best CBD Flower category.

CBD OG Hemp Cultivar for Growers

CBD OG was designed with two primary objectives;

  • To be a high CBD and low THC cultivar.
  • Two, to be as easy to grow as possible.

CBD OG is preferred by growers, not just for the high CBD content. It is straightforward to grow and requires very little special attention. On top of all that, it also gives a good yield. So it checks all the boxes for most commercial growers.

The buds come out looking great too. The nugs are generally olive green in color, with golden yellow and orange pistils shooting outwards. The visual effect is quite pleasing.

CBD OG Potency

The CBD amount on this strain is about 10% higher on average. Specially grown batches can also reach the mid to high-teens CBD concentration.

The good news for those who need to meet the 2018 Farm Bill low THC compliance, it tends to have a THC concentration of 0.3% and lower without much of an effort from on the part of the grower. This is technically considered a high CBD strain because it is above 10% CBD concentration out of the total Cannabinoid concentration.

CBD OG Bouquet and Flavours

The immediate notes that you detect in the CBD OG Bouquet flavors are citrus, wood, spice, and earth. This makes for a heady cocktail of flavors that tastes amazing being vaped or smoked.


Having been bred from two very aromatic strains, the CBD OG strain is one of the more aromatic CBD flowers out there. Even though it is grown for its low THC content, it can still smell and taste like top-shelf cannabis flowers. The extra aromatic terpene composition is not just for show either. It is an excellent beneficiary for your health as well.

The complex terpene profile amplifies the entourage effect consuming whole hemp flowers has on the user. Terpenes also have various proven abilities for positively affecting our health, which has been the basis of aromatherapy.

CBD OG Hemp Flower Strain: Effects

If you are looking for a strain that relaxes you but doesn’t put you straight to bed, this is an excellent strain to try out. It has a good balance between its Indica and Sativa aspects to be used any time of the day. So you can use its relaxing effects to help you sleep, but it doesn’t have noticeable sedative aspects.

Overall, it is not overwhelming and works well as an all-purpose strain. There is a temporary surge of energy as you toke it or vape it. This quickly makes way for the total relaxation that is about to follow. Many people have successfully used it to help with headaches, chronic pain, anxiety, mood swings, and depression.

The use case is perfect for medical hemp users and casual/recreational users. The potent therapeutic effects of CBD are not new to anyone interested in hemp for a while.


CBD OG is an award-winning strain that is a finely balanced hybrid that combines the best of Sativa, Indica, and high CBD levels. It has an excellent terpene profile leading to a beautiful aroma and a calming, relaxing high that matches any time of the day.

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