Is Hemp Flower Legal in Oklahoma ?

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, otherwise called the Farm Bill, paved the way for a brand new market. Unlisting hemp from the country’s roster of controlled substances, this law gave access to patients and people hoping to experience the of cannabis without the corresponding high.

However, while hemp is considered a legal commodity on a federal level, slight differences in the application of the law exist in various states. And in the jurisdiction of Oklahoma, there are some distinctions that oversee the movement and use of hemp within the state’s borders.


Can You Smoke Hemp Flower in Oklahoma?

The short answer is yes, you should be able to smoke hemp flower in Oklahoma. But the laws that control marijuana will have an impact on the kind of freedom that individuals can experience since the two herbs are so closely related.

Back in 1937, marijuana and hemp were both listed as controlled substances, with legislators thinking that both herbs were the same. That’s because they come from the same mother plant – Cannabis sativa. But research would soon show that a difference in their chemistry would make it possible for users to enjoy hemp without the high.

What sets marijuana and hemp apart is the fact that only marijuana contains enough tetrahydrocannabinol or THC to cause the feeling of a high. The lack of this psychoactive compound in hemp means that users won’t experience the same thing when smoking hemp flower or using its extract through any other method.

With this, lawmakers saw it fit to finally remove hemp from the list of controlled substances, but different states still have varying viewpoints when it comes to marijuana. In Oklahoma specifically, the possession, use, sale, and cultivation of marijuana remains a criminal offense.

The problem here is that marijuana and hemp look exactly the same, making it impossible for law enforcers to differentiate the two herbs at a glance. In effect, it’s become harder and harder to penalize marijuana offenders and prevent discrimination against hemp users.

The best way to avoid these issues would be to simply keep your raw hemp flower stash at home. Fortunately, the state is pretty lenient when it comes to all other types of hemp products since the herb isn’t a controlled substance. And while you should be able to smoke raw hemp flower without a fuss, its close resemblance to marijuana may cause inconvenience for both you and law enforcers.


Hemp Flower in Oklahoma


Are Hemp Edibles Legal in Oklahoma?

Technically speaking, hemp edibles shouldn’t be legal in the state of Oklahoma. In fact, they shouldn’t be legal anywhere in the country. That’s because the FDA hasn’t approved hemp extract as a food additive. What this means is that any food products infused with hemp extract shouldn’t be available to purchase since their claims, effects, and safety have not been regulated or approved by the FDA.

Interestingly however, hemp edibles are available almost everywhere. And the movement of these products between state borders seems highly unregulated. With that, despite the law stating that hemp-infused edibles shouldn’t be legal, the current climate of freedom allowed for the market lends clue that we can soon expect approval from the FDA.


Can You Grow Hemp in Oklahoma?

Yes, you can, as long as you’re in possession of a State granted license. Only cultivators that qualify for the state’s hemp cultivation license are allowed to grow hemp for industrial and commercial purposes. Any other cultivation – especially plants grown to supply individual and personal needs – are considered illegal.

With that in mind, any hemp you grow without a license will be automatically considered marijuana. And since it has yet to be decriminalized in the state, you may be subject to steep fines and even a mandatory prison sentence.


Is Hemp Flower Legal in Oklahoma


The Legality of Hemp in Oklahoma

Hemp has come a long way across the country, and although the state of Oklahoma does have a few restrictions in place as it figures out the proper balance between marijuana law implementation and hemp freedom, the movement of most hemp products within the state is relatively unencumbered. Home to countless hemp vendors, the state of Oklahoma offers a range of hemp products that’s both accessible and expansive.


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