Can You Smoke CBD Hemp Flower?

Want to take part in the hottest CBD trend? Grind some hemp flower, roll them up, and smoke. Yes, smoking hemp is totally legit and (according to most users) highly pleasurable…without the “high,” of course. Smoking hemp has become so popular nowadays that you might even be able to find pre-rolls in gas stations.

If you’ve never tried smoking hemp before, then you’re probably wondering why the heck you would want to try it. Below, we’ll go over everything you never knew you wanted to know about the hemp-smoking fad. By the time you finish this post, you should have a good idea of whether smoking hemp is right for you.


a man smoking a hemp pre-roll

Why Would Anyone Smoke Hemp?

This whole “smoking hemp trend” began in earnest after the 2018 Farm Act made it legal for American farmers to grow hemp. Now that it’s easier for people in North America to get their hands on premium hemp products, it just makes sense that they’d try to smoke it, right? Even in states with stringent marijuana laws, it’s federally legal to grow and use hemp products that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC.

But people wouldn’t keep smoking hemp if it wasn’t enjoyable…right? Users don’t smoke hemp purely for the “cool factor,” right? OK, there’s an undeniable novelty surrounding smoking hemp in public, but many users claim hemp smoking is a very relaxing experience. Thanks in large part to the CBD content, people who smoke hemp say they feel a clear-headed buzz without the adverse effects of THC.


Beyond CBD: Other Reasons to Smoke Hemp Flower

Besides CBD, hemp strains also contain many secondary cannabinoids, flavonoids, and aromatic terpenes. This means you can enjoy the flavors of your favorite hemp strain without worrying about it affecting your professional or personal life.

Besides enjoying the terpenes of your favorite strain, smoking hemp is one of the best ways to experiment with the “entourage effect.” In a nutshell, the “entourage effect” refers to a theory that all of the chemicals naturally present in cannabis work synergistically to produce a more potent effect.

So, while CBD works well on its own (i.e., in an isolate product), some researchers claim it works even better when combined with other naturally occurring compounds. Smoking hemp allows you to test out the “entourage effect” for yourself without the adverse effects of THC.

Plus, since smoking hemp bypasses the digestive system, all of those cannabinoids and terpenes go straight into your bloodstream. For this reason, users claim smoking hemp has a more potent effect on their body compared with edibles and oils.


hemp flower pre roll joints sold in stores


Smoking Versus Vaping Hemp: What’s The Difference?

The iconic way to smoke hemp is to roll it into a standard joint. Joints have always been popular in cannabis culture thanks to their convenience and affordability. Heck, you could roll your hemp in hemp paper for a double hemp treat. There are even flavored papers on the market nowadays that can add some serious flavor to your hemp smoking experience.

Customers who prefer a cleaner smoke, however, might want to consider vaping hemp. The reason health experts recommend using vaporizers over joints is that they can filter out potentially harmful impurities. People with lung issues that still want to enjoy smoking hemp are far better off using vaping pens. Vaporizers also produce a more concentrated flavor experience, which means you could use less product and get a pretty strong hit.

Some smokers, however, claim joint smoking provides a richer and more natural experience of the hemp plant. Although joint smoking is usually heavier than vaping, proponents argue it offers a more nuanced flavor experience.

Arguably, joints are also better for people who want to take full advantage of the “entourage effect.” Undoubtedly, joints are a better option for those on a shoestring budget.


High-CBD Dabbing

Somewhat related to smoking hemp is the growing phenomenon of CBD dabbing. For those who don’t know, dabbers use a special device called a “dab rig” to vaporize and inhale a cannabis concentrate. After heating up a nail with a blowtorch, users place a “dab” of their concentrate on the nail, open the air filter, and inhale the vapor for a wicked hit.

As more and more people get interested in harnessing the benefits of CBD, manufacturers are producing highly concentrated CBD crystals and waxes that are easy to use in standard dab rigs. The main draw of smoking CBD this way is it produces a powerful and immediate effect on the user. On the drawbacks side, dabbing isn’t exactly discreet and it can potentially harm your lungs over time.

So, Is It Legal? – Smoking Hemp In Public

Although hemp can legally be grown, cultivated, and consumed per federal law, that doesn’t mean every state is on the same page in regards to recreational CBD. Indeed, there are even a few states like North Carolina and Texas that are actively trying to ban smoking hemp.


understand the legality of smokeable hemp flower which varies by state


Without a comprehensive lab test, it’s impossible for cops to tell the difference between marijuana and hemp joints. Also, since there aren’t super strict quality controls for hemp production, sometimes hemp leaves advertised as “THC free” could contain over 0.3 percent THC. Even though hemp is technically legal, cops might have probable cause to investigate your stash depending on what state you’re in.

Given this current legal climate, it’s recommended hemp smokers lay low if they’re in a state with tough marijuana laws. Yes, smoking hemp is most likely legal in your area, but that doesn’t mean you won’t face legal issues if you’re caught smoking it. The easiest way to play it safe is to use a vaporizer pen, that way you won’t give off that “weed-like” aroma. For those who prefer smoking hemp in joint form, consider smoking at home.


Drug Tests & Smoking Hemp

As long as you’re using premium quality hemp leaves from a reputable company, there should be no issues passing any drug tests you’re facing. Yes, hemp might have low traces of THC, but it should never be over 0.3 percent.

Of course, it can be difficult to find reputable companies considering there are no industry standards for hemp testing or quality control. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you work with a company that openly discloses high quality lab results.

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