Cat Piss Cannabis Strain Review

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You’d think that with a name like ‘Cat Piss’, a cannabis strain would hardly make it. There are tons of other choices with fragrant names like Lemon Meringue and Sunset Sherbet that effortlessly attract buyers with their pleasant presentation. But even with the tight competition, Cat Piss powers through. Could it be because of the strain’s legendary ancestry? Probably. But there’s no denying that Cat Piss has inherent potency that gets it to stand on its own two feet.

What do you think would happen if you stuck your face in a puddle of fresh cat piss? The hair-raising stench and sick pungent muskiness can awaken every nerve in your system as the noxious stimulation rushes through your senses. And that’s exactly why the strain was named ‘cat piss’. Diving deep into sativa genetics, the energizing herb is best known for its potent effects on both mind and body, swirling through your system with its strong ammonia odor to knock out the tiredness and awaken your being.

The Origins of Cat Piss

One of the reasons why the Cat Piss strain manages to claw its way through the market despite its unfortunate name is the fact that it comes from one of the most prominent celebrity strains on the market. The daughter of Super Silver Haze, Cat Piss manifests perfect Haze heritage genetics.

Super Silver Haze is an award-winning sativa that dominated the market throughout the 90s. Its body-centric effects are long-lasting and burly, dominating your frame without an inch left untouched. And that’s ultimately what the Cat Piss strain inherits from its single parent.

A select phenotype of the Super Silver Haze variety, Cat Piss is pretty much the same thing – just stinkier. Breeders specifically chose the SSH sub-strain with the strongest pungent odor, back-crossed it with itself, and thus produced the ammonia-like Cat Piss strain that’s best known for its offensive smell and taste.

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Aroma and Appearance

What’s especially comical about the Cat Piss herb is how well it manages to hide its stench with its delicate look. With purple streaks adding contrast and saturation to its forest green leaves, the Cat Piss cultivar might fool you into thinking its a fruity-floral herb that’s dominated by citrus, pine, and lavender aromas. Its feminine yellow orange tendrils weave through the nugs and provide a gentle net of support to hold the loosely packed leaves together.

Once you pop it off the shelf and twist open the lid however, it’s a completely different story. Imagine a jarful of cat piss, left in a sealed jar for days – that’s exactly what you’ll get. After all, it’s not called ‘cat piss’ for no reason. The stench is offensive to say the least, and the strong overtones of ammonia blend with gasoline and burnt wood, making for one of the smelliest profiles since the dawn of Skunk.

Experience and Effects

To be perfectly honest, smoking the stuff isn’t really the most pleasant experience. Even some of the more experienced veterans might find its strong taste cough-inducing and gut-wrenching. For that reason, we really can’t recommend Cat Piss for beginners and low tolerance users who might not have what it takes to manage such a strong, unpalatable flavor.

If you manage to tread on and take a few more drags, then the Cat Piss strain should start to take effect. The descendant of a sativa classic, you should expect that this herb delivers unrelenting effects that awaken both mind and body. It plows through the mind with unstoppoable force, making you draw a blank no matter how hard you try to muster a thought. Then, the demolition job settles, and you’re left with razor sharp clarity that sets the stage for uninterrupted cognition.

Body-wise, the strain shakes the nervous system to release untapped energy reserves. This brings a tingle of vigor that travels back and forth throughout the body, finally resting at the distal parts of the limb as if motivating you to get a move on.

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Growing and Processing

A fair warning – don’t grow this stuff indoors. Why? Well, even as an immature plant, Cat Piss exudes an unpleasant odor that can easily fill out your space. Unless you’re ready to face the stench of piss wafting throughout your home for the length of its growth, you’d be better off with the help of fresh air.

Another reason why you might want to grow the strain outdoors is its height. Growing to heights of over 7 feet tall, Cat Piss plants might not have enough room indoors to reach their maximum genetic potential. No one wants a 7-foot tool stinky ass tree right smack dab in the middle of their living room for 12 weeks anyway.

In terms of its harvest, Cat Piss produces so-so returns. Every foot of its height can average 1-2 ounces, putting it at the lower end of the harvest density spectrum. To be perfectly honest, the small returns can put a budding business owner at a loss. Nonetheless, recreational users might find the funky plant fun to grow anyway, especially because it isn’t too temperamental.

Who Is It For?

A word to the wise – don’t stick your nose into Cat Piss if you don’t have the guts to take it. Best for those with more experience, Cat Piss’ strong stench and overpowering sativa dominant effects mean that low tolerance users and rookies might find it overwhelming, to say the least. Similarly, reserving the use of Cat Piss for those daytime moments can put its effects to good use, giving you energy and vigor to go through your mountain of chores and responsibilities.

Because of its interesting odor, Cat Piss makes a better choice for farmers with lots of outdoor space. Another thing – if you were hoping to make a fat profit off of your farming efforts, it helps to know that Cat Piss doesn’t really produce the same fat harvest that other, more bountiful herbs generate. Choose a plant with a better calyx-to-leaf ratio to get maximum returns for your effort and time.

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