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Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower

Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower

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Certificate of Analysis

Casino Cookies COA


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Certificate of Analysis

Casino Cookies COA

12 reviews for Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower

  1. Mike S

    Pretty decent the effects had me nice and relaxed, but not completely couch locked. Would definitely recommend giving it a try.

  2. Jo-Ann Falace (verified owner)

    We are new to the CBD Flower world. My husband and I tried this Casino cookie flower tonight, and wow, talk about a nice kicked back deep relaxing feeling. It is crazy, who would have ever thought I could feel this good with CBD! I am a believer. I can’t wait for my second order to get now, LOL 🙂

  3. Cody S Hoagland (verified owner)

    My go to strain, I have tried and loved many strains but this is now one of my favorites

  4. Haley Masbruch (verified owner)

    Took a few hits from my water bong. More effective than any other CBD flower I have tried. I feel great. Non-psychoactive body relaxation. New nightly ritual right here.

  5. Maya Walker (verified owner)

    Mainly a morning smoke. Gives me energy lol

  6. Squirel88 (verified owner)

    Damn good burn definitely a smooth hit

  7. Davonta green (verified owner)

    Very smooth and mind-blowing ihf is the best try it is all I can say

  8. hathawaybm (verified owner)


  9. Mary Rhodes

    Great flower. Smooth and relaxing!

  10. nothingbutvibez (verified owner)

    Knocked me on my *** and mellowed me out. Quality of the buds was probably the worst I’ve ever received from IHF but still, product was potent.

  11. HEW (verified owner)

    This strain has the most balanced results by far. Having tried many other strains from different suppliers, IHF has surprised me with this one. Smooth terpene profile, very noticeable body relaxation, and a calm clear mind. This strain really gives you the reigns to take the experience in whatever direction you choose. If I wanted to workout, I could without issue. If I wanted to relax or sleep, I could without issue. Well done IHF. If you ever drop the price I’ll be buying pounds.

  12. JayDrizzy (verified owner)

    I love this strain! It is so mellow after a long day!!! This is a must try…

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