Cannatonic Cannabis Strain Review

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Rich in cannabinoids, the Cannatonic strain is the ultimate go-to for users in search of relief versus the throes of discomfort in both mind and body. With artfully engineered genetics that express incredibly low THC, this cultivar brings the full effects of cannabis with zero traces of intoxication. So, what you get is total body release that’s free from funky effects.

Although its effects are relatively short-lived, the Cannatonic strain doesn’t disappoint with its holistic impact that provides maximum comfort within the duration of its influence. Developed specifically to give you some well-deserved relief, this strain should find a steady spot in your stash for its benefits towards overall well-being.

The Origins of Cannatonic

To produce CBD dominant bud, cultivators have to be incredibly careful with choosing the strains to include in the mix. In this case, farmers found favorable qualities in the MK Ultra and G13 Haze strains – both of which contain above average levels of CBD.

The first parent – MK Ultra – demonstrates a consistent CBD concentration that’s at least 18%. It’s been used worldwide for its complex cannabinoid profile that works wonders against the typical discomforts and tensions that people feel on an average, everyday basis. For individuals with compromised wellness, the strain also proves to be a sound solution to support enhanced wellness habits.

The second parent – G13 Haze – has yet to be truly discovered in the cannabis market scene. But with what little knowledge has been collected on the cultivar, it is known that the herb possesses a strong CBD concentration that made it a suitable pick to produce a CBD dominant offspring.

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Aroma and Appearance

In terms of its look, the one thing that really sets the Cannatonic strain apart is its dense trichome coat. Being that it is a CBD dominant strain, the herb demonstrates its intricate chemistry through its crystallized exterior. The delicately dusted leaves glitter beautifully in the light, and give the strain a truly whimsical look that makes up for its lack of saturated color. If anything, the Cannatonic strain isn’t particularly gifted in the hue department. But the trichomes do rectify that minor aesthetic issue.

There’s really nothing particularly special about the Cannatonic smell, but it’s pleasant to the nose nonetheless. Combining the fragrance of herbs, pine, and pepper, the sinus-clearing scent can be pleasant and satisfying, but not enough to set the strain apart from others. The notes all dance and mingle atop a bed of bitter gasoline, which essentially serves as the foundation for the flavor experience.

Experience and Effects

The Cannatonic strain’s smoke is smooth and hitch-free, gliding through your mouth and down your throat with relative ease. The delicate plumes are thin and effortless, letting you enjoy a calm smoking experience that won’t leave you with bouts of coughing. Flavor-wise, the Cannatonic’s taste accurately resembles its aroma, letting hints of herb and lively pepper take center stage.

With effects that are relatively short-lived, the Cannatonic strain doesn’t dilly dally, making sure to lend its benefits at the soonest possible time. That’s why many of those who use the strain enjoy its fast-acting effects that become palpable to the system shortly after the first toke. As you enjoy its light, smooth smoke, the strain gets straight to work on your body to let you experience its effects without a moment to lose.

If there’s one way to describe the kind of trip delivered by the Cannatonic strain, it’s that it’s incredibly well-balanced. The cultivar doesn’t really knock out the senses, and neither does it sedate the body. But it does numb out discomfort and distress, making it incredibly effective against the troubles that might plague both mind and body. In totality, the feeling can be described as light and airy, putting you in a trouble-free disposition with gentle smiles and giggles here and there.

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Growing and Processing

The Cannatonic variety can be particularly rewarding to grow, mainly because of its bountiful harvest. Averaging 6 ounces of bud for every foot of the herb’s height, Cannatonic can meet your farming effort with many happy returns at the end of its growing period. On the downside, it does have a tendency to take slightly longer to reach full maturity, requiring up to 12 weeks before harvest time.

Space requirements can make the herb adaptable to indoor and outdoor cultivation, averaging just 5 feet in height. If anything, farmers need to be careful when it comes to temperature, since the plant can be especially sensitive to colder growing conditions.

Despite not being the most flavorful or aromatic cultivar in the line-up, Cannatonic makes a wonderful choice for extraction. Its ultra concentrated cannabinoid content means that concentrates can have up to double the power of those taken from strains that don’t have the same dense CBD concentration.

Farmers interested in growing their own Cannatonic strain for cannabis-derived product manufacturing can find that the lengthy time it takes to harvest might be the biggest roadblock towards mass production. Nonetheless, the incredibly bountiful harvest might be enough to mitigate the issue of slow turn-around.

Who Is It For?

Ultimately, the Cannatonic strain can be a well-suited choice for lots of kinds of users. Specifically bred for individuals struggling with the symptoms of discomfort and poor wellness, the strain can be an intuitive variety to keep in your stash. In the same way, the strain doesn’t give rise to the unwanted effects of other cannabis varieties, like intoxication or sedation. So even the least experienced of users can find relief in its gentle yet prominent effects.

On the other hand, people who want to grow cannabis for the production of edibles, extracts, tinctures, and any other cannabis-derived formula can find that the Cannatonic’s genetics make the ideal foundation. Its strong cannabinoid profile heightens the effectiveness of the extracted concentrate. Keep in mind though – the strain can be moderately difficult to bring to maturity. If you’re just starting out, it would help to read up on the cultivar and how best to guide it in maximizing the full expression of its genetic potential.

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