Marijuana Strains

Master Kush Cannabis Strain

Master Kush Cannabis Strain Review

While it isn’t a sativa, the Master Kush strain almost always makes the ideal companion if you really want to soak up what you’re doing. Don’t get us wrong -...

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Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain

Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain Review

Also called Jew Gold, Kosher Kush is a multi-awarded top-shelf strain that packs a blissful blend of herb and citrus with a kick of pepper to give you a delicious...

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King Louis XIII Cannabis Strain

King Louis XIII Cannabis Strain Review

Named after one of France’s most successful and respectable royalties, the King Louis XIII strain is a majestic herb that oozes with the genetics and chemistry of its kingly heritage....

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Jack Herer Cannabis Strain

Jack Herer Cannabis Strain Review

Named after the Emperor of Hemp, the Jack Herer herb has some pretty big shoes to fill. And in a lot of ways, it does just that. This popular strain...

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J1 Cannabis Strain

J1 Cannabis Strain Review

With an intense fruity flavor, the J1 cannabis strain puts itself right up there with classics like Lemon Drop and Sunset Sherbert. The delicious, succulent flavor perfectly mirrors the taste...

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Green Crack Cannabis Strain

Green Crack Cannabis Strain Review

Delivering a sharp jolt of vibrant energy, the Green Crack strain pretty much already tells you what’s up by its name. Don’t stress out though - this stuff is one...

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Grapefruit Cannabis Strain

Grapefruit Cannabis Strain Review

With the zesty, lively effects of a fresh slice of tropical fruit, the Grapefruit strain is a cannabis variety that delivers flavor and effects that lean in the same direction....

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Grape God Cannabis Strain

Grape God Cannabis Strain Review

While you’ve probably had your fair share of let-down varieties that just didn’t live up to the expectations their name set, Grape God ain’t here for that crap. With the...

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God’s Gift Cannabis Strain

God’s Gift Cannabis Strain Review

Sent straight from heaven, the God’s Gift strain is the much awaited cannabis messiah. This ethereal herb was once the poster child for calming indicas, taking the market by storm...

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GMO Cookies Cannabis Strain

GMO Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

Also interestingly called Garlic Cookies, this cultivar is a hodge podge of different qualities that might make it seem like a mismatched herb. The taste - a contrast of petrol...

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Dos-Si-Dos Cannabis Strain

Dos-Si-Dos Cannabis Strain Review

Do-Si-Dos, and away we go! Sweeping you off into depth of calm and relaxation you’ve never felt before, the Dos-Si-Dos strain makes its mama proud with its intensity and fast...

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Flo Cannabis Strain

Flo Cannabis Strain Review

Despite having one of the most common names in the food service industry, this strain isn’t one you’re likely to find on the shelves of your favorite dispensary. Flo is...

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