Can Hemp Tea Make You High?

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Hemp has been through quite a lot before reaching its present legal status. Once lumped together with marijuana because of their common origins, hemp was long viewed as an illicit substance that could cause potentially dangerous mind-altering effects.

Of course today, hemp’s legality through the 2018 Farm Bill should already justify its safe and practical everyday use. But with so much controversy originally surrounding the commodity, people still ask — can hemp make you high? What about hemp tea? Here are the answers.

What is Hemp and is It Legal?

Before we dive into the tea issue, it’s important that we first differentiate hemp and marijuana. Both sourced from the Cannabis sativa L. plant, hemp and marijuana share a single origin. But despite their similar roots, a significant difference in chemical composition sets them apart.

Researchers found that while marijuana expressed strong tetrahydrocannabinol content, hemp was almost entirely void of the compound. The finding was significant because tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the lone primary compound in cannabis that causes psychoactive effects.

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, any part of the Cannabis sativa L. plant containing 0.3% THC or less qualifies as hemp. That’s because, at this amount, THC can’t produce significant or even noticeable changes in a user.

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What is Hemp Tea?

One of the ways that people take their daily hemp dose would be by brewing their own tea. The fact that it tempers the herb’s flavor makes it particularly enticing for users who have a low tolerance for bitterness and strong organic flavors.

Hemp tea is fairly easy to make at home and requires nothing more than some hot water, hemp flower or crushed leaves, and a few other optional ingredients.

Can Hemp Tea Make You High?

The keyword here is ‘hemp’ tea. By definition, hemp is a product that contains 0.3% THC or less. Because THC is the only compound in all of the cannabis plants that are known to cause mind-altering effects, hemp can’t get you high since it doesn’t contain enough THC.

If you find that your hemp tea is causing you to feel a little woozy, achy, or sick, then it pays to stop its use and inspect the product you’re using. In some cases, people have unique reactions to certain varieties of hemp that simply means it’s not the ideal strain for you.

In any case, hemp products — not just tea — should never get you high. If you experience effects that might point to psychoactive compounds, then cease the use of the product and be sure to double-check with your vendor.

Is Hemp Tea Legal?

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Here’s where things get a little blurry. By law, the 2018 Farm Bill officially legalized hemp and removed it from the country’s list of illegal and controlled substances. But that’s not the whole picture just yet.

While it is legal to possess, sell, and purchase hemp, consuming it is a different story. As of writing, the FDA states that hemp has not been assessed for its safety as a food product or a supplement.

So technically, vendors that sell hemp in food form (such as but not limited to gummy candies, chocolates, capsules, gel caps, teas, energy drinks, and more) overtly trample the FDA’s regulations.

However, it’s worth knowing that brewing the stuff in the comfort of your home probably won’t get you in any trouble. If anything, the FDA targets brands, companies, and vendors that sell and market hemp suggesting that it could be food, drink, or supplements.

Whatever you do in the comfort of your home however is out of the FDA’s jurisdiction and won’t get you any unwanted attention. Unless you start selling your homemade hemp tea, that is.

Is Hemp Tea Effective?

It definitely could be as long as you practice the right procedures in making your hemp tea brew. In general, hemp tea gets major patronage from consumers who prefer masking the natural flavors of hemp with things like honey, citrus, and whatever else.

It’s important to consider however that measuring doses might be slightly different if you plan to take your hemp as tea. There’s no specific formula that lets you calculate the perfect number for your hemp dose. So there’s a bit of trial and error involved in coming up with the right ratios for the ideal brew.

And That’s the Tea

To set the record straight — no, hemp tea can’t get you high as long as you’re using quality hemp from a trusted source. That’s also why it’s important to perform your fair share of due diligence before transacting with any vendor.

Remember to buy your hemp products only from trusted sources with a well-established reputation to keep your stash marijuana-free.

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