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Camphene Terpene Isolate

Camphene Terpene Isolate

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Naturally occurring in turpentine but in lesser amounts, camphene is known for having a pungent smell. If you have ever used valerian root then you may be familiar with its pungency. Yet, if you know the medicinal smell of camphor, also a source of camphene, then you can see how though one terpene may be found in many sources, it does not always come in the same aroma package. The effects of camphene are known to be antifungal and aide in respiratory ailments.

  • Chemical composition: Camphene has an official chemical formula of C10H16.
  • Aroma: Camphene has a very intense camphor smell, a plant that is heavily used in medicine.
  • Effects: Camphor and camphene are used extensively in medicine as a topical, due to their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is usually extracted from turpentine and it is one of the best-known terpenes in the medical world.




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