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Bulk Mendocino Purps CBD Flower

Bulk Mendocino Purps CBD Flower

(26 customer reviews)

  • 0.3% Total THC Compliant
  • Lightly Seeded Flower
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 0.15% Delta-9 THC

Certificate of Analysis
Mendocino Purps

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  • 0.3% Total THC Compliant
  • Lightly Seeded Flower
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 0.15% Delta-9 THC

Certificate of Analysis
Mendocino Purps


Mendocino, otherwise known as Mendocino Purps (or Mendo Purps for short), is a California-based strain with a sweet and piney flavor. It’s known to be growable both indoors and outdoors, flowering in less than two months.

26 reviews for Bulk Mendocino Purps CBD Flower

  1. Imthatmane (verified owner)

    Let me be the first to say it’s very 🔥 flower BUTTTTT……it’s not Mendocino purp sadly and super seedy for being a fire flower…it’s nothing as pictured, they used the same photo for the sour space candy. I just wish they stayed true to the photos they post it as being!! Overall 3 star

  2. Michael Hipps (verified owner)

    It smells freakin fire holy $#!+ but no purple lol green kill I will get more very soon I love it

  3. Gleb Tyurenkov (verified owner)

    This product has arrived very fast without any trouble. The product is amazing, and highly recommend to use this company. Will be ordering more and will suggest a lot of future clients to use this website. Industrial Hemp Farms, you are awesome. thank you again

  4. Mike S (verified owner)

    This strain is 🔥! It definitely has a few seeds, but the quality is definitely there. I love the new menu. Keep up the good work IHF!

  5. Jake1989420

    This strain is a really good strain normally but I will not buy it from IHF again I because way to many seeds I found 20 seeds in my 3.5 grams bag I’m confused this is not normal for Mendo Purps I was very disappointed with the product for that reason I had to give this Strain 3 stars

  6. Younggg (verified owner)

    I let this sit for a couple of days in a cool dark room then I cracked the bag open and boom it open all 6 of my senses smell and taste is 🔥 and excellent buzz hits the back of your eyes

  7. khloeablo (verified owner)

    there has to be some better strains on this website this is some clean bud for soil grown it is probably easier to smoke it in a pipe i was rolling it up and didnt get the full effects ill be back for an ounce khloea blo

  8. ROzez420 (verified owner)

    I must have got a better part of the crop my buds were so terped up I was just flooded with that yummy smell from the second I opened my package I was in heaven. I saw someone compared it the sour space candy and I love that strain I ordered and smoked two oz of it but this one although pricey is worth it! Your keeping me happy over here isolated and happy!

  9. Nicole Lewis (verified owner)

    Taste great smokes great! Highly recommended

  10. BigDANKTHEORY (verified owner)

    Brought an ounce of this boy was I DISAPPOINTED! DISAPPOINTED in myself I did not get a Quarter Pound of this fire bud! Opened the bag it smell so good…yes it does have more than a few seeds but not a big deal. Smoked & tasted great…. Great product!! CBD flower is just getting started….Can’t wait to see the future of CBD flower 3 years from now!!!

  11. Turboed98 (verified owner)

    This strain Mendocino Purps,I’ve got to say is a really beautiful strain these gorgeous all purple flowers, with beautiful,orange hairs,and awesome terpenes that are nice and taste just like purp, are very nice, I ordered this flower twice,and would definitely get more in the future..IHF#1

  12. Ejb (verified owner)

    🔥 that Mendo Purp! Nice and it smells good!!! Mine doesn’t look purple-ish but Overall 👍🏻🌿 The best! Only from IHF ❤️

  13. Davonta green (verified owner)

    Very nice buds look just like the picture taste just like purple smooth as a whistle very good product I highly recommend if u haven’t tried it

  14. Mike S (verified owner)

    I tried this strain awhile back and it was pretty good then, but I just recently ordered it again. This time it must have been a different batch because it was absolute 🔥! It doesn’t have any seeds, the buds look amazing and the effects are much stronger. I will definitely be ordering this again soon. Don’t miss out on this one it’s 🔥 and well worth the price.

  15. Vamilla (verified owner)

    Effects came on strong! The buds are perfectly cured. The trim is very nice and tight, not 1 leaf spotted on the whole ounce. Well worth the price for an ounce or more.
    Smoke and Vape are both great. Using a Volcano vape and I love the vape in there.

  16. 2kbuds

    Did anyone order a pound for 500$ is this real? Where you guys located

  17. Bradley Jones (verified owner)

    This is my everyday smoke at the moment. Very pungent and smokes great . Wish i had the money to by a lb . This is excellent everyday smoke …

  18. Linwood Hall Jr (verified owner)

    The Burning Smell & Taste are Amazing… #SemperFi #USMCVET #IrieLife

  19. trevorluther (verified owner)

    Just got mine in the mail today…all I can say is this is 🔥 . Taste amazing and the smell is out of the this world. Also came a day earlier.

  20. RG (verified owner)

    Flavor is right dead center of classic “panama red” – I like it, the effects are soft; not the most fire if you are looking for a cannabis-like toke. My ounce only had 3 seeds in the entire ounce – was disappointed because it might make a good cross to breed it to some better stronger tokes that lack the low-cough mellow panama red smoothness.

  21. Keith d Shockley jr (verified owner)

    Bought a couple of ounces. It was 🔥in my opinion I’ve tried about everything that IHF carries and this product is a smooth operator!!!! Had to buy a 1/2 to make sure I have this for a while!! I’ve only deal with a couple of company BUT IHF is money something happens they take care of you not questions asked and the people in the service department is great if you have a problem. IHF IS THE WAY TO GO!!

  22. Papi12 (verified owner)

    Str8 gas!!!!

  23. Daniel Morris (verified owner)


  24. Scott Marshall (verified owner)

    This strain is really good, and I would put it maybe 1.5 levels under Granddaddy Purple (GDP). The first eighth I received was top notch in quality. Perfectly trimmed, minimal seeding, purple throughout, moisture levels good, skunky smell and taste. The second batch was not that great quality-wise. The buds were not very dense, not trimmed properly, dry and crumbly, and very earthy dirt-like flavor. Effects are very relaxing both in the body and head typical of an Indica strain. Great nightcap right before bed. Actually have another batch headed this way now. Crossing fingers for a batch like the first time.

  25. RG (verified owner)

    Updating my previous review. I continue to love this strain upgrading from 4 stars to 5. in my top three all time favorites. Very very few seeds only maybe a scant 0-4 seeds per ounce average and half of the seeds are immature. If you are looking for seeds I would suggest get at least a 1/4 LB. For the people saying it didn’t look like the picture, all I can say is I imagine substitutions happen (yes they are disappointing when they happen!). My orders all looked exactly like the picture and it is one of those strains you just want to smell the bag more than smoke it because the terps are like aromatherapy heaven! Get a 1/4 or 1/2 of this and you will not be disappointed.

  26. L.Williams

    This came in Jordans special with three other fire strains but this was for sure my fave. Its all I was looking for. I will be back for more. Service is top shelf just like the product. Cheers and thank you.

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