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Bulk GG4 CBD Flower

Bulk GG4 CBD Flower

(5 customer reviews)

Certificate of Analysis

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Certificate of Analysis


  • Indoor/Outdoor: Greenhouse
  • Smell/Nose: Sweet piney
  • Color/Look: Light green
  • Bud Size: Large
  • Trim: Decent hand trim
  • Density: Medium

5 reviews for Bulk GG4 CBD Flower

  1. Oscarnew (verified owner)

    Its good for cbd flower it’s dark green not light green like the pic

  2. Kent Langsjoen (verified owner)

    This strain is strong… It hits hard… I do get glued to were ever I am.. long lasting effects.. starts out with a uplifting, and then the classic couch lock… It really relaxes me.. super chill.. I got a hole pound of this GG4 for $424.. that’s with 50% descont.. this most be some of the stickest bud I have ever smoked.. so fresh… It will make your mouth water…. Has a wonderful chocolate exhale.. hits hard… Total FIRE!!!!

  3. Mike S

    Nice relaxing effects and fast shipping! Well worth it!

  4. Snoodocker (verified owner)

    Absolutely cannot go wrong w this strain. I ordered this,Ivanka and Umpqua in quantity and this is the best! Bud is cured perfectly its dense chocolate dank bud I have ever had. It is an absolute pleasure to consume. The effects are uplifting @ first 30 or so min. then ya wanna sit your *** down and watch a good movie. I love it and have plenty now thanx to IHF and their outstanding prices for high quality bud. Thanx✌

  5. Benjamin Collard

    My friend gifted me a quarter and it had me sleeping like a baby all week.

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