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Bulk GG4 CBD Flower

Bulk GG4 CBD Flower

(5 customer reviews)

Certificate of Analysis

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Certificate of Analysis


  • Indoor/Outdoor: Greenhouse
  • Smell/Nose: Sweet piney
  • Color/Look: Light green
  • Bud Size: Large
  • Trim: Decent hand trim
  • Density: Medium

5 reviews for Bulk GG4 CBD Flower

  1. Benjamin Collard

    My friend gifted me a quarter and it had me sleeping like a baby all week.

  2. Snoodocker (verified owner)

    Absolutely cannot go wrong w this strain. I ordered this,Ivanka and Umpqua in quantity and this is the best! Bud is cured perfectly its dense chocolate dank bud I have ever had. It is an absolute pleasure to consume. The effects are uplifting @ first 30 or so min. then ya wanna sit your *** down and watch a good movie. I love it and have plenty now thanx to IHF and their outstanding prices for high quality bud. Thanx✌

  3. Mike S

    Nice relaxing effects and fast shipping! Well worth it!

  4. Kent Langsjoen (verified owner)

    This strain is strong… It hits hard… I do get glued to were ever I am.. long lasting effects.. starts out with a uplifting, and then the classic couch lock… It really relaxes me.. super chill.. I got a hole pound of this GG4 for $424.. that’s with 50% descont.. this most be some of the stickest bud I have ever smoked.. so fresh… It will make your mouth water…. Has a wonderful chocolate exhale.. hits hard… Total FIRE!!!!

  5. Oscarnew (verified owner)

    Its good for cbd flower it’s dark green not light green like the pic

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