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Bulk Frosted Lime CBD Hemp Flower

Bulk Frosted Lime CBD Hemp Flower

(8 customer reviews)

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Certificate of Analysis 

FrostedLime (1)


Frosted Lime Hemp Flower was developed out of the combination of an undisclosed strain with frosty.  Frosty is an indica heavy strain that known to be very mellow however Frosted Lime is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid.  This strain has a potent citrus fragrance.  You can’t lose on these bulk prices either.  Enjoy!

8 reviews for Bulk Frosted Lime CBD Hemp Flower

  1. floydbrooke13 (verified owner)

    Just received my pound and the smell soon as i open the box hit u in the face also the buds are fluffy and not dry was worried about that have no smoked it yet will update review soon as i do.

  2. Crumplito (verified owner)

    Looks, smells and smokes good! Great buy for 1/4lb

  3. Mike S

    The buds are nice and sticky and it’s smells amazing and the effects are wonderful.

  4. James Olson (verified owner)

    For the bulk price, I’ve been using this as an edible, with noticeable results. I clean 2 or 3 grams worth and mince it in a coffee grinder and then put it in a smoothy. Once I brewed a tea with it. This is the effect I was looking for but never realized from CBD oils when I tried. I have not been disappointed with any strain that I’ve gotten from IHF and Ive been learning how different types differ.

  5. stakkat0 (verified owner)

    Bought a pound, it’s smelled great, smoked nice. I love it

  6. Nelsondrummond (verified owner)

    Best priceing ever got mine in today ive tryed over 30 different kinds and i do gotta say these are the largest buds ive got so far great taste smooth to smoke and instant effects ordered another 1/4 after the first puff keep this one forsure will order again im a regular anyway

  7. Davonta green (verified owner)

    Can’t beat it for the price I bought 1/4 lb but was dry crumble when break down but it smoked pretty good can’t really complain

  8. Chad (verified owner)

    Bought a pound of this and couldn’t be happier turned a half pound of it into dab wax very potent and very flavorful you can’t go wrong for the price makes great edibles.

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