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Bud Vault boasts a potent selection of delta-9, delta-8, and THC-O products. Its flagship product is the gummies which are meticulously infused to conserve all of the natural effects. The company also offers the best value in terms of cost/dosage. With almost all its gummies packing at least 25mg per gummy, you’re not likely to come across such a deal elsewhere, at least not regularly.

Its hemp flower buds are organically grown and harvested. And the slow-curing process ensures the buds preserve their naturally effective attributes. With a dedication to passion and quality, Bud Vault ensures all its premium products undergo third-party lab testing to guarantee the best purity possible.

Bud Vault Product and Service Overview

Delta-9 Gummies

The company is popular for its potent selection of gummies. Buyers can pick from delta-9, delta-8, and THC-O gummies. According to Bud Vault, its delta-9 THC gummies are currently one of the best-selling products. They are made from federally legal hemp plants and comply with the 2008 Farm Bill. These D9 gummies are unbelievably priced at just $35 per pack. They are available in different tasty flavors, including wild berry, strawberry, watermelon, and pineapple-mango flavor.

Budvault delta-9 products

Delta-8 Gummies

Buyers tend to love the varieties of delta-8 gummies that Bud Vault offers. It allows you to devise your own bespoke delta-8 edible routine to match your present needs. Among its delta-8 gummies section include canna crawlers, hazy peach rings, Kushy bears, and watermelon rush. They come in different sizes, including 1000mg, 2000mg, and 3000m delta-8. The Watermelon Rush and Hazy Peach Rings top the list of many customers’ strongest delta-8 edibles because they pack 50mg of d8 in every gummy.

THC-0 Gummies

Unlike delta-9 THC, THC-O is federally legal and is one of the active cannabinoids found in hemp plants. The company offers THC-O gummies such as Party Bursts, Rose Bears, and Strawberry Thrill. The Party Bursts, in particular, packs 50mg of pure THC-O goodness. They deliver a surge of exhilarating mood effects complementing the feel-good body vibes that will last several hours.

Delta-8 Flower

The company has a fresh new selection of delta-8 THC flower strains. Buyers can pick their favorite choice from the list including Malibu Sunrise, Twilight Vision, Sugar Haze, Magic 8 Ball, Magic Buddha, Space Cowboy, and Northern Legend flower.


Vape Cartridges

Bud Vault recently launched its new line of delta-8 THC vape cartridges. The carts are derived from legal hemp and have no cutting agents or filters. They test at an impressive 96% purity making them one of the highly sought-after carts products on the market. The cartridges feature a glass tank & ceramic core design thus guaranteeing the best performance and taste. They are also compatible with standard 510 thread batteries.

Bud Vault Customer Reviews

A look at the reviews posted by customers on Bud Vault’s website and online forums reveals a customer base that’s content with their shopping experience. In fact, most of the reviews are 5-stars showing the commitment and passion of the company to achieving customer satisfaction. Most of the customers mention Bud Vault’s fast shipping as one of the attractive aspects behind their satisfied customer shopping experience.

“I have to give a shout out to Bud Vault on their shipping. Ordered Saturday and it was in my box this morning, Monday. Now that’s some quick shipping lol.”

Others mention the wonderful experiences they feel when using different delta-8 THC flowers and gummies offered by Bud Vault.

“Sometimes I get anxious or worry about things that may or may not happen but this one helps me to get clear minded and reduces my anxious state of mind. Malibu Sunrise d8 flower helps me focus and pay attention to things right in front of me that I have to get done. Makes me feel productive. Thank you so much, I feel indebted to Budvault.”

“Oh boy, I’m so glad I tried these watermelon rush d8 gummies. I’m pretty new to d8 so I’ve been trying a few reccomend online sellers lately. These little watermelon bites are one of the best I’ve had this far. They have helped me with my shoulder pain and my anxiety. I highly recommend them.”

The newly launched Bud Vault’s delta-8 THC disposal has also attracted huge following judging from the numerous positive reviews.

Bud-Vault-ReviewBud Vault Complaints

We found one complaint on the company’s website. It seems like one of the customers was not impressed with Bud Vault’s Lucky Cookies flower.

“Well on the flower from Bud Vault, I got Strawberry Cheesecake, Lucky Cookies, and Grizzly Glue. The Strawberry Is great all around. The Cookies I’m not impressed with though. Kinda harsh and the taste just isn’t there for me. I’d love someone else’s opinion on this one though bc maybe I’m being overly judgmental lol. Grizzly was middle of the road for me, nothing to complain about, but nothing to rave over either. It’s good, maybe I was just expecting to be wowed. I feel they all lacked a good cure. But Strawberry… good stuff.”

Bud Vault Coupons & Discounts

Bud Vault offers a 50% price cut on all its delta-9 gummies. And for any purchase of delta-8 or THC-O gummies, the company gives you free d8 gummies through a redeemable coupon. You also get free 4 grams of flower during check out when you buy any of its delta-8 THC flower strains.

Lab Testing

All Bud Vault’s flower strains are subject to third-party testing to verify their purity, potency, and effectiveness. The lab reports’ certificates of analysis (COA) are available on the website.


Delta-8 THC products are trending in the cannabis marketplace. Bud Vault is a leader in the d8 sector with a selection of potent gummies, flower buds, and vape cartridges. You don’t have to worry about the safety of its products. This is because they’ve undergone third-party testing and the respective certificates of analysis are available for scrutiny on the website.


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