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Bubble Gum Cannabis Strain Review

January 13, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Bubble Gum Cannabis Strain Review

Bubble Gum Cannabis strain

Sink your teeth into the sweet satisfaction of the original gum that keeps on giving. The Bubble Gum strain has been around for decades and is best known for its balanced effects and mouth-watering flavor. But don’t just take our word for it – Bubble Gum has a bunch of awards under its belt, having won two awards in the Cannabis Cup in 1994, followed by a silver in 1995, and another in 1999.

It took cultivators a while to produce a Bubble Gum phenotype that’s stable and consistent, but today, Bubble Gum is beloved for being one of the most balanced sativa-leaning strains on the market. The gentle buzz, full-body calm, and uplifting effects make it a top pick if you’re just looking for something to bump up your mood after a busy workweek.


Bubble Gum Lineage

For as popular and beloved as Bubble Gum might be, there’s not a lot of information on the strain’s lineage. What we do know is that it isn’t a landrace phenotype, since it demonstrates sativa-indica hybrid properties. It’s also known that Bubble Gum hails from Indiana where it started off as an unstable cultivation that soon moved to New England and then Holland where it was perfected into the strain we know today.

Presently, there isn’t any information on what parents contributed to the Bubble Gum genetics. We can only speculate that its ancestors represent the two different ends of the spectrum, with one leaning heavily towards the indica side, and other towards sativa effects.

Nonetheless, Bubble Gum can be grown from both seeds and clones. Some more specialized phenotypes however, are only available as clones. For instance, the original variety that was bred in New England can only be purchased as an existing plant. This decades old phenotype is highly coveted and especially rare, making it a prized variety among purists and veterans.


Bubble Gum Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

The dreamy Bubble Gum strain flowers into a beautiful, pale herb that’s drizzled with hues of forest green, deep browns, and electrifying orange. Its nugs are interspersed with intricate networks of blond hairs that intertwine and project from every surface of the sample. Some hairs can develop a deep orange hue, making the nug look even more dynamic and lively.

Bubble Gum nugs are dusted in frosted trichomes that look like tiny dewdrop-covered peach fuzz coating the entire exterior of the samples. The sticky resin leaves a tacky feel on the fingers after handling, and lets off a delicately sweet aroma from which Bubble Gum gets its name.

A sealed bag oft the strain lets out a strong gust of fragrance upon opening. While it might seem impossible, Bubble Gum smells exactly like its namesake. The ultra-sweet fragrance is reminiscent of berry-flavoured candy laced over a backdrop of earthy goodness.


Bubble Gum terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The sweet, smooth smoke produced by the Bubble Gum strain is especially easy on the throat. Gliding effortlessly through the mouth and down the lungs, the gentle clouds make Bubble Gum a good choice for novices who might not be used to the crude scraping feel that more intense varieties tend to cause. Flavor-wise, she tastes exactly as her name suggests.

A delicate sweetness caresses the taste buds and takes centre stage throughout the entire experience. Hints of bitter earth and wood jab through the candy-flavoured goodness, rounding off the experience and creating a balanced, dynamic flavor profile with more dimension and depth. At the end, a dramatic punch of gasoline contrasts heavily against the lingering sweetness, making you want to chase after the flavor with a second toke.

As its effects take place, Bubble Gum gives rise to a focused heady high that’s most prominent in the mind. The cognitive buzz highlights the details of your immediate environment, allowing heightened awareness and alertness that keeps the body awake. The creative experience puts you at the helm of the high, letting you steer your thoughts into your choice of territory – ideal if you’re stuck at a creative roadblock.

Body-wise, the strain does promote a sense of calm. The numbing effects aren’t too strong, but they do cause the limbs and extremities to tingle with a subtle buzz. Fret not though, the gentle sedation doesn’t cause couch lock and leaves your productivity completely intact albeit causing you to move at a slower pace.


Bubble Gum cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The medium-height Bubble Gum plant can reach up to 6 feet from the ground, and yields a fat harvest at the end of a 7 to 9-week growing period. Every foot that the plant grows can produce up to 6 ounces of bud, which can be relatively more rewarding than other plants that reach well over 7 feet in height.

Easy to grow and care for, Bubble Gum can be ideal for first-timers who are only just trying their hand at cultivation. The hardy variety is especially resistant to fungal infections and other sorts of pests, so growers with little experience won’t have to worry too much about warding off the typical dangers that might destroy a cannabis plant.

Best grown outdoors, Bubble Gum prefers lots of sunlight and minimal humidity. Considering the plant’s mature height, it’s also best to find a plot of land with lots of space for the growth to extend its branches and reach out for maximum sunlight. The more heat and light the plant gets, the more complex and potent its CBD content stands to develop.

If you were interested in processing raw cannabis to produce other types of CBD products, Bubble Gum makes a suitable choice. The extensive coating of trichomes mean that extraction processes yield high output with this specific variety. Its intricate flavor also tends to shine through even after being processed, which means flavourful extractions and CBD products that gleam with the sweet succulent flavor of bubble gum.


Who’s It For?

Let’s be real – Bubble Gum is perhaps one of the most legendary strains on the market. So, whether you’re a first timer or a veteran, taking a toke of this iconic variety should definitely be on your list of must-tries. If you’re thinking about flavor and effects – don’t sweat it. The Bubble Gum strain made a name for itself because of its balanced taste and impact, making it a suitable pick for all sorts of tolerance levels.


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