Bubba Hash Cannabis Strain Review

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Bubba Hash Cannabis Strain

She’s definitely not sitting with the popular kids during lunch, but the Bubba Hash cannabis strain is by no means a pushover. This hot new herb has seen little exposure on the hemp market. But her solid genetics, impressive parentage, and wild effects and flavor definitely deserve more attention than she’s been getting. Delivering a noseful of skunky goodness embraced in a deep bitter gasoline undertone, the Bubba Hash cannabis variety is definitely one that a seasoned connoisseur should at least try once in their lifetime.

Clarifying, calming, soothing, and focusing, the Bubba Hash strain has come out as the ultimate choice for buyers who want to ease out of their worries and slip into something more comfortable. Putting a tune in your head and a smile on your face, this easygoing herb can make you feel like a million bucks – after even the worst days.


The Origins of Bubba Hash

The Bubba Hash’s parentage is pretty popular, albeit being rather rare. These days, most dispensaries will carry strains like Lifter, Elektra, and Special Sauce. But rarities like those that make up the Bubba Hash lineage are almost never to be found. For the most part, that’s because cultivators choose to spend their efforts on low-maintenance herb with non-specific growth requirements. And heaven knows that Bubba Hash’s parents are anything but generic.

The Hashplant is a solid indica bred by the ever famous Sensi Seeds. With genetics from the popular Afghani landrace and the equally formidable Northern Lights, it comes as no surprise that the Hashplant has earned its place among the classics. Blissfully fruity and intensely spicy, the Hashplant herb delivers a dose of calm relaxation and soothing mentality that clears away apprehension and cognitive distress.

Added to the Hashplant to produce the Bubba Hash genetics is the Katsu Bubba Kush. Another heavy handed indica, this herb touts a floral terpene profile that might make you feel like you just faceplanted into a fresh bed of blooms on the first day of spring. The hard hitting effects can weigh you down and render your limbs absolutely useless as you sit back and soak in the sweet effects of the calming variety.


Bubba Hash Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

The Bubba Hash strain looks pretty much like the standard herb of the 80s and 90s. That means lots of angry fuzz, lots of unruly orange tendrils, and lots of kief covering its surfaces. With total reckless abandon, these nugs look like they were unearthed from the depths of an exotic rainforest. And of course, the chaotic clusters will look worlds apart from the other options on the shelf, which might even lead you to think that you’re not looking at a cannabis harvest at all.

If the curiosity gets the better of you (and it will), you’re likely going to find yourself asking your trusted budtender to take down the jar. And as you twist off the lid, the strain releases its pungent skunk that sucker punches you right in the kisser. The ultra strong stench can drive away less experienced users, but for veterans and connoisseurs, the classic cannabis aroma can be a welcome relief versus the common fruity floral profiles of today. Of course, for the low tolerance user, the Bubba Hash stench might be far beyond pleasant. But if you know what makes a good herb, then the smell should draw you closer.


Bubba Hash terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Bubba Hash is one of those herbs that you can run to on your worst day ever, and expect to soothe away every worry and stress on your mind. Sure, it’s not going to taste like a refreshing tropical fruit drink that will entangle your taste buds in sensory pleasantry, but once you get over that initial kick to the throat, it’s smooth sailing. Let’s not sugar coat it – Bubba Hash tastes vile. The scraping, itchy texture can leave you in a violent coughing fit. And the skunky taste can offend even the most experienced of users, but hey, you’ll get over it.

What matters is the effect. As the strain’s chemistry imbues into your bloodstream, it soothes the mind and relieves stress and apprehension. All of a sudden, your worries are banished, and you’re left feeling carefree and calm. The relaxation moves into physical territory, clearing away physical tension to help you feel more at ease. The end result is a calm contentment that doesn’t really make you feel euphoric or elevated, but simply helps you clear out all the physical and mental negativity that might be keeping you from feeling a hundred percent.


Bubba Hash Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

One of the reasons why Bubba Hash is so hard to find is because its pretty darn hard to grow. The plant requires advanced level farming skills, and may very well die in the hands of an inexperienced cultivator. That said, only those who trust in their knowledge and experience can successfully bring the plant to maturity. With highly specific growth requirements, the Bubba Hash is best farmed indoors where you have a better opportunity to fine tune and tweak all of the little elements that contribute to its growth.

Under the right conditions, Bubba Hash will grow between 3 to 4 feet in height and produce about 5 to 6 ounces of bud for every square foot of its growth. The plant will require lots of TLC, good fertilizer, and optimized temperature and humidity conditions to maximize its genetic potential however. So it helps to really keep an eye on the herb during growth to adjust its conditions depending on any issues it manifests.


Who Is It For?

The effects of Bubba Hash really transcends the various types of cannabis users, but that’s really not the issue here. With such a pungent, almost putrid flavor, it’s hard to see any low tolerance users or beginners finding the herb to be palatable. The abrasive texture can also be unpleasant, pushing some users to avoid the strain all together. Nonetheless, for experienced veterans and connoisseurs, the skunky taste and itchy texture might be another dimension of the herb that makes it worthwhile.


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