Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain Review

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Inspiring controlled energy, the Bruce Banner cannabis strain can take you and awaken the big green monster that slumbers deep within. The lively sativa strain combines invigorating flavor and strong effects that circle the mind. In some cases, the Bruce Banner strain can also impact the body and lend relaxation. But for the most part, users tend to gravitate towards the herb for its benefits in terms of lightening mentality and shifting moods.

Like a shot of an ice-cold energy drink electrifying your nerves, the Bruce Banner strain uplifts the body and shaves away your sad, sorry exterior to release the powerful workhorse hiding within.

The Origins of the Bruce Banner Strain

To produce such a monster of a strain, breeders blended together some of the best qualities of two prominent cannabis strains that dominate the market. The first was OG Kush – the genetic backbone of an entire family tree. And the other was Strawberry Diesel – a contemporary variety that blends together sweet and bitter for fun, fruity, toe curling flavor and effects.

When you think of the cannabis classics, OG Kush is likely one of the first names that come to mind. This balanced hybrid was around during the golden era of the cannabis industry, and literally paved the way for thousands of other award-winning strains that descend from its potent chemistry. Its complex, robust, manly aroma is characteristic of dank cannabis, and is perfectly replicated by the strain’s thick plumes of smoke.

On the other end of the family tree, we’ve got Strawberry Diesel. Wading towards the sativa end of the gene pool, this herb is far more delicate and feminine. The strain blends together the flavors of fruit and flowers, and tops it all off with a strong sour citrus flavor. When consumed or smoked, the lip-licking herb delivers fast-acting, long-lasting effects that calm and energize all at the same time.

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Aroma and Appearance

Sure, the Bruce Banner strain wasn’t named after the Hulk’s alter-ego because of how it looks. But that wouldn’t have been such a bad reason, considering the strain’s monstrously big, green nugs. Each oversized sample touts a glorious blend of green hues, giving it wondrous organic appeal that exudes freshness, adding to its overall charm.

If the interestingly large nugs caught your attention from afar, then it might be time to take a sniff. Crack open that jar and the Bruce Banner strain releases a strong fruity aroma that mixes together citrus and grape. Underneath, tones of wood, char, and freshly cut grass cradle the sweetness and add dimension for a multi-faceted aroma.

In a lot of ways, taking a whiff of the Bruce Banner strain might feel a lot like lifting away layer after layer. The different notes that come together to produce the herb’s unique fragrance come in waves, and don’t snag your attention all at once, paving the way for a dynamic encounter that might have you taking an extra whiff or two.

Experience and Effects

Developed to toss away your timid, weak Bruce Banner, the strain unleashes the slumbering green monster inside to help you power through the hurdles of daily life. The deep sativa strain energizes and centers on the mind, sharpening your concentration and clearing away clutter so you can focus on the most important tasks at hand.

Body-centric, there’s not a lot of a change. Some users note that the strain may make you feel a little more relaxed, but that’s not entirely consistent. That’s because Bruce Banner has three main phenotypes, and depending on which one you scored, you might be in for a slightly different experience.

For the most part, you can rely on the head-centered impact, helping to make you feel sharper and more alert. Heightening your senses and clarifying your cognition, the strain might be exactly what you need to maintain your attention on whatever herculean task or chore you might need to deal with.

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Growing and Processing

So, is the Bruce Banner strain a good fit for at-home farmers? In some ways – yes. Two factors make the Bruce Banner strain viable addition to a home garden. The first is its moderate cultivation difficulty. Neither easy nor hard to bring to maturity, the strain delivers just the right challenge to help budding farmers expand their horizons and discover new skills in cannabis cultivation.

The second is its lightning fast turnaround. The strain reaches maturity in just around 7 weeks, which is the shortest time for any known cannabis variety. That said, you can enjoy the spoils of war within less than 2 months’ time, perfect for farmers with a low tolerance for delayed gratification. But that’s not even the best part – the strain produces a bounty of bud after that time frame, pushing the 6-ounce average.

So, what’s the downside? Well, the strain can reach heights of over 6 or 7 feet. So, if you’ve got limited space, or if you don’t have an outdoor garden to cultivate your Bruce Banner cannabis, then you might find yourself at a loss for room. Nonetheless, the strain’s hardy nature makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor growth, letting you watch the herb blossom into maturity in just a short amount of time.

Who Is It For?

The Bruce Banner strain impacts the mind more than anything else, and lends cognitive vigor that can fuel creativity, productivity, and motivation. Its hard impact makes it suited for those with difficulties maintaining focus during the daytime, when the added dose of energy might be necessary. Keep in mind that novices might want to tone down their dosage to avoid being overpowered or agitated by the strain’s effects.

If you’re in the business of growing cannabis, Bruce Banner’s quick turnaround, fat returns, and manageable requirements make it a good pick for both indoor and outdoor farmers. Just make sure you’ve got high enough ceilings to accommodate the towering green monsters as they max out their genetic potential.

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