Blue Sherbert Strain Review

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But if that’s what you were after, then it is possible to achieve the same effects. If anything, the Blue Sherbet’s effects are impressively buildable, so you can take a few extra tokes to up the intensity and achieve a high that’s more fitting of a veteran user.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

In the aroma department, it’s hard to find a strain that’s quite as enchanting as the Blue Sherbet cultivar. The strain delivers a potent aromatic experience that’s sure to appeal to any user, offering a mishmash of scents that blend together so well, you’d probably want to take a bite.

The aroma of blueberries, citrus, and sweet honey make the Blue Sherbet strain a real treat for the olfactories. But don’t expect the same flavors to come flying at you when you take a toke. For the most part, Blue Sherbet doesn’t taste quite as powerful as it smells. Does it taste bad? Not really. But could it taste better? If we’re basing it off on the fragrance, yes it could.

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Effects of the Blue Sherbet Strain

When you take that first drag, you might notice how silky smooth the Blue Sherbet cultivar might feel as it glides down your throat. This velvety cloud of smoke brings with its potent benefits that can cradle you into a state of careless relaxation for hours after use.


A distinct heady feel will start to rush to your mind as soon as the cultivar takes effect, and this potent effect can provide substantial cognitive clarity. At full blast, the strain can lift away mental clutter, paving the way for razor sharp concentration that can keep you focused on a task for hours.


Slowly but surely say goodbye to the blues and usher in a short era of happiness and giggles. The Blue Sherbet strain encourage a lighter, easier mood that brings with it a sense of positivity that can take away your stress and worries.

Appetite Inducing

If you just haven’t been eating enough recently, then the Blue Sherbet might help spark your appetite. The strain is especially popular among users with medical conditions, or those under strict pharmacotherapy, encouraging a healthy appetite in the midst of medical issues.

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There’s a unique kind of satisfaction to growing your own bud. If you’re interested in taking on the Blue Sherbet strain, it helps to know that this variant is moderately difficult to cultivate. The roots in particular are prone to fungus, mold, and other sorts of damaging growth. Keeping them dry and exposed to enough fresh air can help prevent rotting roots.

Under the right conditions, the Blue Sherbet strain can start flowering in as little as 8 weeks. The moderately tall plant can stand up to 78 inches in height, giving off high-yield for each foot that it grows. Mostly, you can expect a harvest of 3 ounces for every 12 inches of plant that you cultivate.


Blue Sherbet thrives best in environments with lots of light and fresh air. Keeping it under the warmth of a plant growing lamp can help provide it the heat it needs to grow tall and strong. Water sparingly and use a spray can to direct moisture towards the roots. Avoid moistening the leaves to reduce the risk of fostering mold. Always position the plant under direct sunlight or artificial light after water to evaporate excess moisture.


Plant your Blue Sherbet seedlings in a wide, open space with lots of room to grow. Fat, fertilized soil can help enhance the strain’s flavor and aroma. Measure night time temperatures and make sure they don’t drop more than 8 degrees from the daytime. If they do, provide a plant growing lamp in the evening to protect the plant from excess cold.

Similar Strains

Digging the Blue Sherbet’s profile and effects? Then these strains might give you the same pleasant experience with their effects and flavors that closely resemble that of Blue Sherbet’s.

  • Blue OG Sherbet
  • Platinum OG
  • Platinum Kush
  • Tahoe OG Kush
  • G13
  • True OG

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There’s a lot of love for Blue Sherbet in the cannabis industry. Here’s what her biggest fans have to say about her premium effects and flavor-packed nugs:

  • There’s no other bud that’s quite as fragrant as the Blue Sherbet strain. I could dig my nose in this stuff for hours and still not get enough of its scent.
  • Lots of people feel like the Blue Sherbet’s flavor falls short when its fragrance sets the bar so high. I think it tastes bomb – you just gotta stop judging a strain by its scent.
  • I had trouble preventing root rot on this stuff even after taking extra precautions with over watering. I found that growing it outdoors was the safest way to go to prevent moisture from staying trapped in the soil.

Final Thoughts

For a full experience that captures all the senses, there’s no going wrong with Blue Sherbet. This aromatic strain combines all of your favorite scents into one enthralling fragrance that can be more than enough reason to keep the strain in stock. But don’t just take our word for it, give the Blue Sherbet strain a test drive and find out why we think this hidden gem of a cultivar deserves more recognition than it gets.

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