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Blue Genius Hemp Review

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Blue genius is a special hybrid strain known for its high CBD content. It is derived from the rare Genius Hybrid strain that is known for its perfect 50-50 balance between Sativa and Indica. There is little information available on the parentage of the original Genius strain except that it showed promising results for high CBD concentration.

That is where the genius name comes from. The high CBD content and THC (in the case of the original cannabis strain) create a perfect high that is both soothing and focused. While Genius itself seems to be a rare strain that is not easily spotted, Blue Genius is reasonably common.

Blue Genius has some distinctive features that set it apart from other strains and give it a great visual appeal.

About Blue Genius Hemp

The original Genius strain is notoriously difficult to grow. This is what makes it a rare strain. Very few commercial farms would risk an entire crop to something that needs a lot of work. However, some boutique growers like to take on this challenge, which is why Blue Genuis only comes to the market once in a while.

Blue Genius has a pleasant appearance with dark purple hues, resulting from blue pistils that give the strain its name. The Bleu Genius is popular with many different users because of its cerebral effects.

Blue Genius hemp strain


Some believe that the Blue genius has three parent strains – ACDC hemp, Israeli Cultivar, and Ringos Last Seed Run. However, the Indica-Sativa balance, in this case, gives over to Sativa dominant strains. Thus there is a possibility that a phenotype expresses a Sativa dominance.

Breeders often try to identify heritage using physical traits and genetic ones in case of deeper research. For most growers, it is a matter of eyeballing an unknown strain and using their experience to see possible distinct features such as colors of pistils and leaves, aroma, effects, and cannabinoid profiles.


Blue Genius Hemp strain is a high CBD strain with an average of 12% CBD but known to go to 16% and more. This strain derives its balanced Indica-Sativa features from its heritage rooted in the original Genius cannabis strain.

As a result, it exerts healing effects on both the body and the mind. It helps the body to relax and soothes most aches and pains. It has a powerful relaxing effect that eases the tension and stress out of your body.

The other side of this potent therapeutic plant is its calming effects on the mind. There is a strong sense of well-being that also enhances the mood. This combines with an enhanced focus. The full effect promotes a relaxed but alert state of mind.

This helps users solve complex mental tasks by calming the mental chatter down, which is why it’s referred to as the genius strain.

As the original strain was further developed for the post-2018 CBD-oriented market, the strain had to be altered to lower the THC amount and intensify the CBD concentration. This also seems to have cured the cultivation issues. Blue Genius is thus much more likely to appear on the market than its cannabis counterpart.

The high CBD concentration also has various other health benefits. CBD was legalized in 2018 due to its wide therapeutic applications and zero intoxicating properties.

So the hemp flower high is all about a strong wave of relaxation while being perfectly awake and aware. Users have found it helpful for conditions like depression, headaches, migraine, seizures, mood swings, and nausea.

Many users have also found it helpful for increasing their creativity. The overall euphoria from the Genius is present more as a general feel-good in the Blue Genius Hemp flower.



The Genius strain has a moderately dense terpene profile. It is mostly dominated by floral overtones with strong hints of pine. Closer encounters might reveal some woody aromas with bursts of citrus on the nose.

These are all clear signs of terpenes like Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, and other common terpenes. These aromatic compounds have strong therapeutic properties. They are also known for enhancing and amplifying the effects of cannabinoids like CBD. This symbiosis of various compounds coming together is known as the “entourage effect.”

So not only does it smell pretty good, it creates a potent therapeutic effect on the user.

The Blue Genius Hemp strain has inherited these properties and has a denser terpene structure than Genius. This makes it even more aromatic with a very complex nose. In addition to the flavors and aromas found in the Genius strain, it has fresh notes of sweet berries, blueberries, and fruity flavors.

The dense flavor makes it a very enjoyable flower for the vaporizer and also for smoking.


Blue Genius Hemp flower is a strain with mixed heritage and mixed histories about where it came from. It is liked by users for its clear-headed relaxing effects, helping users focus better and be more creative. There are a lot of therapeutic effects that are to be experienced from this strain, especially because of its high CBD and terpene content.


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