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Blue Dream Cannabis Strain Review

January 09, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Blue Dream Cannabis Strain Review

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain

Blue Dream

Immerse yourself in a perfectly balanced experience that brings together the effects of sativa and indica through Blue Dream. This strain has hit it big throughout the population, bringing benefits for both novices and more experienced users. The incredibly well-rounded strain leans slightly towards the sativa side, delivering a gentle, awakening buzz that’s controlled and calm.

Enveloped in the flavors of sweet berry and fruit, the effects of Blue Dream can easily cradle you into a trance-like state that’s perfect for those moments when you just need to take a load off. Experience lucid relaxation like never before and enjoy the best of both worlds with Blue Dream.


Origins of Blue Dream

The combination of Blueberry’s electrifying flavor and lively effects and Haze’s cradle of calm birthed Blue Dream. These two ancestors fall on opposite ends of the spectrum with Blueberry leaning heavily towards the indica side, and Haze on sativa. Together, their union created a nearly perfect half-and-half blend, with Blue Dream expressing 60-40 sativa-indica genetics that makes it exceptionally balanced.

The Blueberry parent strain is where Blue Haze gets its potent effects for relaxation. In fact, Blueberry has won its fair share of awards throughout the years, having been crowned the Best Indica strain in 2000 during the High Times’ Cannabis Cup. As the child of two pure landraces from Thailand, Blueberry boasts a profile that’s as close to nature as it gets, with a chemical composition that demonstrates the untouched potency of cannabis calming benefits.

Haze on the other hand is vibrant and intense. The high-energy strain gives rise to an imaginative, lucid buzz that opens up creativity and productivity. Taste-wise, she’s definitely just as lively. Citrus and spice blend together in a blissful combination of flavors that shine through the smoke and leave your taste buds tingling from the overwhelming concoction of fruit, herbs, and earth.


Blue Dream Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

At a glance, Blue Dream looks nothing short of a fantasy-come-to-life. The beautiful, breathtaking nugs are deep green to blue green in color, with hints of pale green peeking through the dense clusters. On the surface, a fuzzy coat of trichomes encases the samples, creating a dynamic, textured aesthetic that brings the nugs to life. And for even more dramatic appeal, the Blue Dream strain boasts intricate networks of bright orange hairs that intersperse the leaves and saturate the samples with stark contrast and color.

While the strain’s look might catch your attention, Blue Dream’s aroma should lock in your decision to take a bag home. With both parents demonstrating distinct and potent fragrances, the Blue Dream strain doesn’t fall short of expectations. The first whiff brings a delicate berry, fruity aroma laced with spicy, floral notes that gently toy with the olfactories. The barely-there hints of pine and herb make you want to chase the scent, whiffing relentlessly as the fragrance delicately grazes your senses.


Blue Dream terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Moving into toking territory, the Blue Dream’s flavor is exponentially heightened, taking you to a brand new experience with every minute that passes by. The berry flavor takes center stage, owing to the Blueberry parent strain’s unprecedented flavor that shines through Blue Dream’s genetics.

Laced with the taste of herbs and spices, the cultivar takes full control of your taste buds and scrapes the throat with its dense smoke, leaving a thin film of flavor in its wake. The end of the smoking experience brings a mild taste of gasoline, making it a good choice for low tolerance users who might not be able to fully appreciate the bitterness of earth and fuel.

In terms of effects, the Blue Dream’s profile is gentle and slow to take effect. The indica and sativa properties balance each other out, resulting to a gradual elevation. Most describe the effects to start at the spine, radiating outwards to the limbs and to the mind at a uniform pace. When full-blown, the effects awaken the body but keep the system calm. The result is a heightened sense of your surroundings, crystal clear cognition, and relative motionlessness.

The meditative state can be the ideal solution against stressful workdays, or moments when you just need the peace and quite to encourage creative thoughts to flow. For those seeking relief against physical discomfort and cognitive tension, Blue Dream also provides excellent benefits that can keep these common issues at bay.


Blue Dream Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The Blue Dream strain is the perfect choice for moderately experienced growers, posing a few cultivation challenges that can help improve your skill and understanding of the process. The high-yield variety can produce as much as 6 ounces of bud for every foot of growth, and may stretch well over 7 feet in height.

Cultivators can expect the Blue Dream strain to reach full maturity after around 12 weeks of growth. Thriving best indoors, Blue Dream requires specific care especially because it might be slightly more prone to moisture damage and fungal growths.

Typically a favorite among those who post-process their harvest, Blue Dream makes a suitable raw ingredient for concentrates and other forms of CBD products for its potent flavor and effects that manifest effortlessly in processed formulations.


Who’s It For?

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing strain or a solution for those cognitive roadblocks, Blue Dream can be nothing short of, well, a dream. The strain is highly adaptive, thanks to its balanced indica-sativa profile. Its calming benefits can easily soothe you to sleep, but at the same time, its effects for cognitive clarity can also encourage the flow of creative juices.

In terms of tolerance, the Blue Dream cultivar transcends all sorts of users from varying backgrounds and with different levels of experience. The flavorful taste, mild bitterness, and gentle escalation of effects make it easily tolerable for first-timers and novices. But at the same time, the slow, steady experience can be a breath of fresh air for veterans who might be in search of a change of pace. On the other hand, if you’re not interested in taking a toke, Blue Dream works well as the foundation for concentrates, powders, and other sorts of post-processed CBD products, so the sky’s the limit.


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