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SFV OG Cannabis Strain

SFV OG Cannabis Strain Review

Certain flower strains bear an important place in strain history and it does us well to appreciate everything that came before. Take for example the OG Kush, which has been...

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Red Headed Stranger Cannabis Strain

Red Headed Stranger Cannabis Strain Review

The Red Headed Stranger, or RHS for short, is not just a reference to a famous country album in the 1970s. No, this is the legendary strain of the 2010s...

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Purple Punch Cannabis Strain

Purple Punch Cannabis Strain Review

If you’re an indica lover with a sweet tooth, boy do we have the strain for you. Say hello to your new after-dinner dessert strain that is sure to melt...

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Platinum Cookies Cannabis Strain

Platinum Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

It’s very rare that sequels become better or at least rank at the same level as their predecessors. Godfather II or The Dark Knight are two films that were able...

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Permafrost Cannabis Strain

Permafrost Cannabis Strain Review

This beautiful plant got its name from its thick layer of trichomes that make it appear as if it is covered by a blanket of ice and snow. Permafrost is...

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Paris OG Cannabis Strain

Paris OG Cannabis Strain Review

The Paris OG Strain is one of the standout strains of the last decade. Having won first place during the 2014 Michigan High Cannabis Cup, the Paris OG has garnered...

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Orange Crush Cannabis Strain

Orange Crush Cannabis Strain Review

There are many facets to creating a successful hemp strain. Some look for profound effects while others look for amazing aroma or flavor. It’s not often for hemp innovators o...

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Orange Cookies Cannabis Strain

Orange Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

Imagine sinking your teeth into a warm, fresh batch of cookies, baked with all of your mother’s love and imbued with the rind of fresh oranges picked straight from heaven’s...

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MK Ultra Cannabis Strain

MK Ultra Cannabis Strain Review

One of the most popular strains in the Cannabis market, the MK Ultra Cannabis Strain is a success story owing to name, timing, and performance. With such a moniker, this...

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Mimosa Cannabis Strain

Mimosa Cannabis Strain Review

A beloved brunch cocktail, the Mimosa is a refreshing citrus concoction that blends together half a part champagne with a half part of orange juice. The result? A tangy, zesty,...

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Mango Kush Cannabis Strain

Mango Kush Cannabis Strain Review

The Mango Kush herb contains within its leaves the entire spectrum of hemp effects. A delicate hybrid, this cultivar boasts flawless equilibrium between the two ends of the hemp pool....

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Lemon Meringue Cannabis Strain

Lemon Meringue Cannabis Strain Review

There will always be that odd pairing you can never truly understand. Like ice cream and ketchup or cheesecake and onions. These leave you to wonder whether or not there...

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