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Lemon Drop Cannabis Strain

Lemon Drop Cannabis Strain Review

You know how popping a lemon drop just kind of instantly changes your mood, even on a dark dreary day? That’s exactly what the Lemon Drop strain is good for....

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Larry OG Cannabis Strain

Larry OG Cannabis Strain Review

Also known as Grandpa Larry, Larry OG is just one of those strains that fun to have around. Often dubbed by users at the perfect everyday remedy, Larry OG provides...

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Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain

Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain Review

Also called ‘Fruity Juice’, this herb boasts chemistry that comes as close to nature as possible. The child of two landraces, Juicy Fruit proves that no one does it better...

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Goji OG Cannabis Strain

Goji OG Cannabis Strain Review

Have you ever tried chewing on a goji berry? Dubbed a super food, this nutrient-rich berry has long been used throughout Asia for its alleged benefits in extending health and...

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Chiesel Cannabis Strain

Chiesel Cannabis Strain Review

From its flavor to its effects, Chiesel is what you might call an in-your-face kind of herb. Garish and arrogant, this cultivar forces itself into the scene, hoping to be...

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Cherry Cookies Cannabis Strain

Cherry Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

A direct descendant of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain, Cherry Cookies is a formidable member of the Cookies family, delivering what some users claim to be high-grade wellness benefits...

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Casey Jones Cannabis Strain

Casey Jones Cannabis Strain Review

Named after the legendary Casey Jones - a train engineer who risked his life to save his passengers - the Casey Jones Cannabis strain comes chugging like a freight train....

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Blackwater Cannabis Strain

Blackwater Cannabis Strain Review

A front-runner in the indica category, Blackwater is one of those herbs that you reach for when you want to just get away from it all. Singing to the tune...

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Blackberry Cannabis Strain

Blackberry Cannabis Strain Review

Just like the sweet, uncomplicated flavor of its ever popular berry namesake, the Blackberry Cannabis strain delivers a mouthful of nectarine goodness. A combination of two prominent herbs, Blackberry is...

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Wookies Cannabis Strain

Wookies Cannabis Strain Review

Who would have thought that Chewbacca would rise in prominence in the Cannabis scene. A beloved character, Chewbacca hails from the furry and powerful race of the Wookies from Star...

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Triangle Kush Cannabis Strain

Triangle Kush Cannabis Strain Review

The Triangle Kush Strain certainly has a reputation that precedes itself. Named for the famous cannabis capital of the world, the Triangle Kush strain has gained a massive following of...

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Tahoe OG Cannabis Strain

Tahoe OG Cannabis Strain Review

The marijuana business has never been this in demand. Recent years have shown how the demand has exponentially grown and new strains are being bred to meet the younger market's...

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