Strawberry Diesel Cannabis Strain

Strawberry Diesel Cannabis Strain Review

Its name says strawberry, but its aroma screams citrus. Something of a misnomer, the Strawberry Diesel strain tastes and smells more like a zesty lemon than it does a sweet...

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Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain

Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain Review

Dominated by sativa genetics, the Strawberry Cough strain was so named for its sweet berry flavor coated in a skunky aftertaste that triggers a violent coughing fit. With an abrasive...

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Stardawg Cannabis Strain

Stardawg Cannabis Strain Review

Said to have been named for its starry trichome fur, the Stardawg cannabis strain is a sativa-biased hybrid that works to relieve a range of known daily disturbances. Bringing together...

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Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain

Sour Tangie Cannabis Strain Review

With electrifying effects enveloped in sharp-tongued flavor, the Sour Tangie herb awakens a creative fever that works hand in hand with a euphoric buzz. Its intense sativa chemistry awakens both...

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Sour OG Cannabis Strain

Sour OG Cannabis Strain Review

A veteran on the cannabis scene, Sour OG is a coveted classic that boasts a reputation that’s built on solid cannabis foundations. Born and bred to be a crowd pleaser,...

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Sour Grape Cannabis Strain

Sour Grape Cannabis Strain Review

While Sour Grape’s taste might send you into a minute-long pucker, its effects are far more relaxed than its awakening taste. One of the most heavily juxtaposed genetics on the...

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Sour Apple Cannabis Strain

Sour Apple Cannabis Strain Review

Like digging your teeth into a bright green apple, the Sour Apple strain has what it takes to get you to pucker. The ultra-sour herb delivers a mouthful of tart...

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Pink Lemonade Cannabis Strain

Pink Lemonade Cannabis Strain Review

Did you ever wonder what it would taste like to smoke pure mint? Well, here’s your answer. While it is named ‘Pink Lemonade’, this herb tastes more like a mouthful...

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Laughing Buddha Cannabis Strain

Laughing Buddha Cannabis Strain Review

Despite being relatively hard to come by, the Laughing Buddha Cannabis strain has is an award-winning herb that was crowned the best sativa around during the 2003 High Times Cannabis...

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Lemon Drop Cannabis Strain

Lemon Drop Cannabis Strain Review

You know how popping a lemon drop just kind of instantly changes your mood, even on a dark dreary day? That’s exactly what the Lemon Drop strain is good for....

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Larry OG Cannabis Strain

Larry OG Cannabis Strain Review

Also known as Grandpa Larry, Larry OG is just one of those strains that fun to have around. Often dubbed by users at the perfect everyday remedy, Larry OG provides...

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Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain

Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain Review

Also called ‘Fruity Juice’, this herb boasts chemistry that comes as close to nature as possible. The child of two landraces, Juicy Fruit proves that no one does it better...

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