Cuvee Cannabis Strain

Cuvee Cannabis Strain Review

The bittersweet Cuvee strain brings with its resinous leaves the strong tastes of succulent fruit and chocolate, enveloped together in the sticky smoke that comes from the strain’s burning nugs....

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Cookies Kush Cannabis Strain

Cookies Kush Cannabis Strain Review

A proud member of the Cookies family tree, Cookies Kush turns heads with nothing more than its name. Having won the 2014 High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup title ‘Best Coffeeshop...

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Bubba Hash Cannabis Strain

Bubba Hash Cannabis Strain Review

She’s definitely not sitting with the popular kids during lunch, but the Bubba Hash cannabis strain is by no means a pushover. This hot new herb has seen little exposure...

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Blue Magoo Cannabis Strain

Blue Magoo Cannabis Strain Review

Dealing with a bad case of discomfort? The Blue Magoo strain delivers a punch of well-deserved relief against a wide variety of tensions, aches, and feelings of unwell. Having earned...

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Black Russian Cannabis Strain

Black Russian Cannabis Strain Review

With a name like Black Russian, you know this cannabis strain is out to make a mark. Its severely indica-leaning effects take its users to the farthest depths of calm...

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Zkittlez Cannabis Strain Review

Zkittlez Cannabis Strain Review

Bred to bring its buyers the sweet, lip-smacking flavor of your favorite childhood confection, the Zkittlez cannabis strain - also called Skittles or Skittlz - is a pure indica with...

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Willie Nelson Cannabis Strain

Willie Nelson Cannabis Strain Review

Having bagged Best Sativa in the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup, Willie Nelson is, well, the Willie Nelson of cannabis strains. Euphoric and creative, this solid sativa is the lovechild...

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White Russian Cannabis Strain

White Russian Cannabis Strain Review

Ready for the big guns? Serious Seeds shows just how serious they are with the conception of the enigmatic White Russian. Also called the White Serbia, the White Russian herb...

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UK Cheese Cannabis Strain

UK Cheese Cannabis Strain Review

Set apart by its consuming, pungent flavor and aroma, UK Cheese is one of those cannabis strains that provides a sensory experience that’s just as distinct as its effects. Characterized...

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Tangerine Dream Cannabis Strain

Tangerine Dream Cannabis Strain Review

Take a step into a dreamy, hazy, clouded mental stupor with Tangerine Dream. Specifically engineered to bring its users to the next level of relaxation, the Tangerine Dream herb is...

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Sunset Sherbert Cannabis Strain

Sunset Sherbert Cannabis Strain Review

Otherwise called Sherbert, Sunset Sherbert is the crown jewel of the Girl Scout Cookies lineage. Propped up to be next big hot shot after GSC, Sunset Sherbert is an indica...

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Strawberry Lemonade Cannabis Strain

Strawberry Lemonade Cannabis Strain Review

Like taking a sip of an energizing, refreshing glass of lemony berry goodness on a hot and heavy day, the Strawberry Lemonade herb revitalizes the system with its invigorating flavor...

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