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Oregon Purple Thai Cannabis Strain

Oregon Purple Thai Cannabis Strain Review

Sometimes plainly called Purple Thai, the Oregon Purple Thai cannabis strain is an enigmatic cultivar that doesn’t have too much of a presence or reputation on the market. Aside from...

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Oregon Pineapple Cannabis Strain

Oregon Pineapple Cannabis Strain Review

Ever heard of Oregon Pineapple? Exactly. This ultra obscure herb doesn’t have a lot of information circulating on the web about it. But even then, there are more than a...

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OG Kush Breath Cannabis Strain

OG Kush Breath Cannabis Strain Review

OG Kush Breath, also conveniently called OGKB, is a hybrid that acts like a pure indica. With a chemistry of 90-10, this cultivar drenches the body in its consuming effects,...

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Obama Kush Cannabis Strain

Obama Kush Cannabis Strain Review

The Obama Kush strain embodies exactly what our beloved former president claimed during the elections - yes, we can! Delivering a life changing stroke of euphoria, relaxation, and powerful physical...

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New York Diesel Cannabis Strain

New York Diesel Cannabis Strain Review

A highly decorated veteran in the cannabis industry, the New York Diesel strain gets its award-winning stature from its landrace parents. The child of two naturally occurring herb varieties, this...

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Mendo Breath Cannabis Strain

Mendo Breath Cannabis Strain Review

Here’s a perfect example of where a strain becomes far more prominent than its own parents. The Mendo Breath strain might be an up-and-comer, but that hasn’t stopped the herb...

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Master Kush Cannabis Strain

Master Kush Cannabis Strain Review

While it isn’t a sativa, the Master Kush strain almost always makes the ideal companion if you really want to soak up what you’re doing. Don’t get us wrong -...

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Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain

Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain Review

Also called Jew Gold, Kosher Kush is a multi-awarded top-shelf strain that packs a blissful blend of herb and citrus with a kick of pepper to give you a delicious...

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King Louis XIII Cannabis Strain

King Louis XIII Cannabis Strain Review

Named after one of France’s most successful and respectable royalties, the King Louis XIII strain is a majestic herb that oozes with the genetics and chemistry of its kingly heritage....

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Jack Herer Cannabis Strain

Jack Herer Cannabis Strain Review

Named after the Emperor of Hemp, the Jack Herer herb has some pretty big shoes to fill. And in a lot of ways, it does just that. This popular strain...

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J1 Cannabis Strain

J1 Cannabis Strain Review

With an intense fruity flavor, the J1 cannabis strain puts itself right up there with classics like Lemon Drop and Sunset Sherbert. The delicious, succulent flavor perfectly mirrors the taste...

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Green Crack Cannabis Strain

Green Crack Cannabis Strain Review

Delivering a sharp jolt of vibrant energy, the Green Crack strain pretty much already tells you what’s up by its name. Don’t stress out though - this stuff is one...

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