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image of page banner the best exotic hemp flower

The Best Exotic Hemp Flower

When you fall into the hemp flower rabbit hole, you’ll find that sticking to one strain is a tough feat. Not because it’s hard to find a suitable hemp variety,...

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image of page banner everything about vaping hemp

Everything About Vaping Hemp

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, or in this case, more than one way to enjoy your hemp. The market overflows with various forms of hemp products...

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image of page banner cbd gummies ingredients

What Are the Common Ingredients of CBD Gummies?

You gotta be careful whenever buying hemp or hemp-derived products. Skipping over the fine print makes you susceptible to purchasing products that could risk your wellness. In some cases, brands...

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image of page banner cbd shelf life

CBD Shelf Life: Do CBD Gummies Expire?

CBD-infused gummies pack all the power of hemp’s chemistry in a sweet, tasty treat that’s easy to down. Given that some people struggle to contend with the flavor of hemp...

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image of can hemp tea make you high

Can Hemp Tea Make You High?

Hemp has been through quite a lot before reaching its present legal status. Once lumped together with marijuana because of their common origins, hemp was long viewed as an illicit...

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image of can you fly with cbd hemp flower

Can You Fly with CBD Hemp Flower?

Hemp flower legality has come a long, long way since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. But even with the leaps and bounds in hemp freedom, some aspects of...

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image of does hemp flower smell like weed

Does Hemp Flower Smell Like Weed?

Although weed has come a long way in terms of legality and freedom, it still has a ways to go. Fortunately, the THC-free alternative hemp has unlocked new potential. The...

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image of page banner how to make cbd tincture from flower

How to Make CBD Tincture from Flower

Sixty dollars for a teeny tiny bottle of CBD? Hard pass. For as convenient as CBD tinctures might be, they can be darn expensive. So, for economic reasons, people tend...

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image of page banner can you eat cbd flower

Can You Eat CBD Flower?

CBD edibles aren’t anything new. Today, you can visit any vendor and find a whole selection of food and drink items infused with CBD. And while they might seem gimmicky...

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Diamond CBD Vendor Review

Diamond CBD Vendor Review

Carrying several dozens of different CBD and hemp products from an assortment of the most popular brands, Diamond CBD brings online customers every fanciful CBD formulation they can dream of....

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Best Jars to Store Your CBD Hemp Flower

There’s so much that contributes to the quality of your hemp flower. Aside from proper cultivation, processing, and handling, storage plays a major role in preserving the potency, effects, and...

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What is CBN Oil?

It’s been close to four years since hemp was officially legalized at the federal level, and we’ve learned much since then. Through tireless research and study, experts have discovered various...

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