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Sour Tsunami Strain

Sour Tsunami Strain Review

It may seem strange today, but nobody involved in the 20th-century cannabis trade cared about cannabidiol (aka CBD). Indeed, in the not-so-distant past, every marijuana cultivator only had one aim...

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Wilted Flowers brand review

Wilted Flowers – Complete Brand Review

Wilted Flowers is a farm whose owner has worked with hemp farmers for the last couple of years. The owner's relationships have allowed them to find the best hemp flowers...

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The Wellness Tree

The Wellness Tree – CBD Vendor review

The Wellness Tree Hemp offers only the highest quality hemp flower. Their products are grown indoor in rich soil and with lots of love. Their mission and goal are to...

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High Alpine Genetics review

High Alpine Genetics Vendor Review

High Alpine Genetics strives to provide the best organically grown feminized hemp seed on the market. They believe that trust requires mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships. Their commitment is to...

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downtown asheville north carolina

Delta-8 THC: Is It Legal in North Carolina?

Delta-8 THC has become one of the hottest hemp-derived products on the market. Hemp-derived delta-8 provides a way for consumers to get some of the benefits of regular THC without...

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Delta-8 in Michigan

Delta-8: Is It Legal in Michigan?

Delta-8 offers consumers the perfect way to enjoy something with a little more psychoactivity than CBD but without the intense effects of regular THC. Some people call delta-8 “THC Light,”...

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Hydrogenated Hemp

What is Hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol (HHC)

Hemp and hype are inseparable nowadays—especially in the sizzling alternative cannabinoid market. Since the 2018 US Farm Bill passed, scientists have discovered dozens of fascinating hemp compounds that may have...

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what hemp flower fans should know about delta 10 THC

What is Delta-10 THC?

Hemp consumers seem to have an insatiable appetite for exotic phytocannabinoids. Just as delta 8 THC approaches full market penetration, yet another THC isomer has taken center stage. In this...

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Tetrahydrocannabivarin — Exploring The Mysterious Cannabinoid THC-V

When the US government banned marijuana in the 20th century, most tokers weren’t super picky about which cannabinoids were in their pot. Indeed, the only cannabinoid cannasseurs were concerned about...

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Best CBN cannabis strains

Best CBN Strains – Top 8 Cannabinol Strains to choose from

When cannabis fans chat about CBN, odds are they aren't referring to Pat Robertson's TV station. Instead, tokers who mention CBN are most likely referring to a fascinating secondary cannabinoid...

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Delta 10 THC effects benefits legality

Delta 10 THC: Effects, Benefits And Legality

Even if you spend hours scouring CBD forums every day, it’s impossible to stay on top of all the latest hemp trends. For instance, while we’re still digesting info related...

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CBG hemp strains

The Best 7 High CBG Strains To Smoke

CBG may be the “mother of all cannabinoids,” but it’s still quite a mystery to the scientific community. Since this cannabinoid is scarce in most hemp strains, researchers have had...

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