Black Widow Cannabis Strain Review

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Black Widow Cannabis Strain

Just like the notorious black widow spider which is known to be the most venomous species of spider in North America, the Black Widow cannabis strain delivers a killer strike that can easily subdue its pray. The sedative cultivar bites down on your mind and body with the intoxicating venom of the black widow spider, pushing your body into total surrender and submission.

Not for the faint of heart, the Black Widow herb is best reserved for those who enjoy compelling indica effects that leave no nerve untouched. Its supremely potent venom can be overwhelming for the average user, so rookies and novices are often advised to steer clear of the Black Widow strain.


Origins of the Black Widow Strain

The Black Widow strain’s history is one that’s enveloped in intrigue, especially since many purists argue that the real Black Widow strain isn’t what it is today. The strain was first bred as ‘White Widow’ which crossed together the genetics of the South Indian Sativa and the South American landraces. But when its breeder left his original group, he took with him the original parent strains used for the White Widow strain.

After having joined a different cannabis company, he re-bred these two strains to reproduce the White Widow strain. But for the purpose of identity, he set his new strain apart by calling it the Black Widow instead. Today, there’s a lot of debate on whether the White Widow strain or the Black Widow is the ‘true’ widow. But many purists will argue that the now circulating Black Widow stands as the original, especially because it was bred by the original farmer using the actual parent strains he used the first time.

Together, the South American and South Indian Sativa parents donate powerful, untouched genetics that bring together the Black Widow’s profile. The strong parent strains mesh together sativa leaning effects, but ultimately come to a hybrid that demonstrates indica-centric effects.


Black Widow Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

Entangled in the clutches of a network of fine orange hairs, the Black Widow strain appears trapped in its own intricate web of fingery tendrils. The red-orange cage captures the nugs and encases them in a delicate meshwork that seems to attempt to hold the dense clusters of leaves together. Underneath the web are fine little hairs, resembling the fuzz on the surface of a freshly plucked peach. These trichomes dust the entire nug in a layer of delicate snow, lending a dramatic pallor that encapsulates the sample completely.

The trichomes that layer the exterior of the leaves are responsible for producing the delicate cannabinoids that give cannabis its effects in the first place. But aside from that, trichomes are also known to produce terpenes – chemical compounds that give cannabis their signature aroma. Opposed to its dangerous name, the Black Widow strain lets off a delicate fruity floral aroma that might catch users off guard. Its sweet, aromatic fragrance might make you think twice about its potency. But don’t let its gentle, soothing scent fool you.


Black Widow terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Even when taken as a smoke, the Black Widow cannabis strain maintains its flavor. The taste of fruit and flower swirl together in the form of a delicate smoke that’s thin and hitch-free. Sliding effortlessly down the throat and into the lungs, the plumes can be easily tolerated by even the least experienced cannabis users. But be warned – while the Black Widow’s flavor might make you want to take toke after toke, its potent chemistry is better enjoyed in smaller doses.

The cannabinoid chemistry of the Black Widow strain takes its time, slowly but surely working to achieve its effects. It starts off in the mind, insidiously creeping through the recesses of your mind to wipe out your thoughts. But unlike other strains that help you focus on more pleasant ideas, Black Widow stops cognitive processes altogether. As though putting your ability to think at a standstill, the strain begs you to take a seat, especially as its chemistry moves into your muscles.

Through the body, the Black Widow strain works to completely incapacitate the functions of your limbs. Like the venom of a deadly spider, the strain’s cannabinoid content pulls your body into a state of submission, weighing you down so as to keep you from moving. The temporary paralysis can lock you to your couch for hours, although sleep may or may not necessarily be a part of the entire experience.


Black Widow Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Black Widow can be easy to grow, thriving just fine under most environmental circumstances, given that they still meet the average requirements of a cannabis plant. A fast finisher, Black Widow can provide you up to 6 ounces of bud per foot of height, so it does offer substantial payback for the time and effort you put into cultivation.

On the other hand, the Black Widow cultivar does have a few downsides. The first is that it doesn’t grow too tall. That said, even if it does produce a substantial harvest for each foot, its lack of height altogether means you might not be able to squeeze a lot out of it. Another is that during the growing process, the strain does let off a smell that can be described as unpleasant, and perhaps even offensive. With that, it’s often best reserved for outdoor growing.

As an extract, the Black Widow’s chemistry performs pretty well, especially because a little goes a long way. So, using the strain as the raw ingredient for extracts can produce premium cannabis-derived formulations that offer stellar performance even with minute doses.


Who Is It For?

The Black Widow cannabis strain isn’t for the average cannabis user. With its incapacitating effects, rookies and novices might find themselves overwhelmed by the power of its venom. In fact, even some veterans and connoisseurs might find the Black Widow’s effects to be mildly overpowering, so it’s advised to take the strain in small, controlled doses.

As the raw material for extracts and concentrates, Black Widow’s impressively rich cannabinoid profile make it a suitable first choice. With its complex chemistry, the strain can produce incredibly potent formulations that let you manage your doses and extend your stash without compromising on the power of the affects you experience.


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