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Alpha and beta pinene are quite similar compounds, that deliver a quite different experience in both flavor and aroma. Research on these two terpenes suggests that the entourage effect they product might act beneficially to the user. Of course, all of these claims must be taken with a grain of salt, as research is still inconclusive.

  • Chemical Structure: Both alpha-pinene and beta-pinene are woodsy terpenes officially classified as isomers. Although alpha-pinene is the more common of the two, b-pinene has a very similar structure with a chemical formula of C10H16.
  • Aroma: Woodsy, herby, and earthy. Unlike alpha-pinene, b-pinene has a more subdued aroma that’s more closely associated with Mediterranean herbs than pine trees. Two of the most popular herbs that have traces of beta-pinene include dill and basil.
  • Effects: Since alpha-pinene occurs more frequently in nature than beta-pinene, most scientific research into pinene’s effects has focused on this dominant isomer. B-pinene, however, appears to have the same physiological effects alpha-pinene has on the body. Some studies even suggest beta-pinene could work synergistically with alpha-pinene in what’s referred to as the “entourage effect.”
  • Hemp Strains With B-Pinene: Harlequin, Ringo’s Gift, and Remedy
  • Other Strains: Trainwreck, Bubba Kush, and Jack Herer


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