The Best Places to Buy Delta-8 Online

As the latest, greatest hemp-derived cannabinoid on the block, delta-8 THC is chocked full of promise. A close relative of delta-9 THC, delta-8 is considered less potent and more controlled than its psychoactive cousin, making it a great choice for those who want to experience THC’s benefits without the buzz.

Since it’s only new to the market, there are just a handful of vendors that offer delta-8 THC. And because authorities are quick to crackdown on anything that even remotely sounds like delta-9 THC, you can’t really get your hands on delta-8 in all states. Nonetheless, there are a bunch of reliable vendors that sell quality product you might want to try.



3ChiBased in Indiana, 3Chi was founded by a biochemist with 15 years of professional experience. Since they were founded, the brand has maintained its focus on bringing attention to minor cannabinoids in the hemp plant, helping buyers fully experience the benefits of the herb’s chemistry.

In September of 2019, they released their first ever delta-8 THC product which was the first federally legal THC-dominant product on the market. Today, they offer a whole range of delta-8 THC items to cater to buyers of different tastes and preferences.

Their choices include gummies, vape cartridges, cookies, distillates, and tinctures. But aside from their wide selection, the brand manages to reel in customers with their ultra low prices. Their tincture for instance sells for just $34.99 for 1200mg, which is definitely within reach for most, if not all, buyers.



CannaClearWhile it isn’t entirely clear where CannaClear is based and when they came around, there are lots of hemp enthusiasts on Reddit that strongly recommend the brand. Their website is scant in terms of information about the company per se, but they do have a modest list of delta-8 products for buyers to choose from.

Their picks include a variety of terpene-enriched delta-8 distillates and a unique THCV isolate that you might not find through a lot of vendors. Prices can be pretty steep though, with their distillate clocking in at $4 per gram or more. Their THVC isolate starts at a whopping $70 per gram — and those are sale prices.


Herbee’s Holistics

Herbee’s HolisticsComing from a family of farmers, the people behind Herbee’s Hollistics cultivate their own hemp to guarantee quality and potency. Their main angle is all-natural, organic cultivation that highlights the power of hemp chemistry without the use of herbicides, pesticides, and other harsh chemicals.

Their delta-8 line-up isn’t too extensive as of yet, but the brand claims they’re working on expanding their selection. As of writing, they offer delta-8 infused hemp flower, vape cartridges, gummies, and CBD crumble with delta-8 sauce.

Since they’re still getting the hang of the whole D8 thing, their prices can be slightly steep especially if you’re planning to become a recurring buyer. Their flower starts at $35 for just an eighth of an ounce, while their vape cartridge sells for as much as $39.99 each.


Boston Hempire

Boston HempireThis Massachusetts-based hemp brand has been around for quite a while, offering one of the most diverse product line-ups on the market. They focus mainly on the standard hemp necessities like flower, concentrates, edibles, and topicals. But after the big delta-8 boom, the brand was quick to hop on the bandwagon.

Today, Boston Hempire offers their own slight selection of delta-8 products, including wax, dabs, gummies, flower, chocolate bars, cartridges, hash, tinctures, and pre-rolls. All of their products also come in a broad range of variants and flavors to cater to every discriminating taste.

Prices are relatively affordable when compared to the range of other delta-8 vendors out there, which is also why Boston Hempire has become particularly popular among buyers. Their delta-8 enriched flower starst at just $24.99 one eighth of an ounce while their delta-8 oil sells for just $49.99 for a 1000mg 30mL blend.


Where is Delta-8 THC Legal?

It’s important to keep in mind that not all states allow the purchase, sale, and use of delta-8 THC. So while these brands might sell delta-8, that doesn’t mean they can ship just anywhere. In case you were wondering, delta-8 is presently illegal within the following states:

Another important consideration is the process by which the delta-8 was extracted. Some notices released by the DEA claim that ‘synthetic tetrahydrocannabinoids’ are illegal. And since most brand manufacture their delta-8 by altering CBD chemistry, resulting products may be tagged synthetic, and thus illegal.

Keep in mind though that this new regulation is still very loosely implemented, and law enforcement doesn’t seem to be fixed on whether to crackdown on synthetically manufactured delta-8 just yet. So until then, you might be able to get your hands on synthetic delta-8 without any trouble coming your way.


Delta-8 — Taking the Market By Storm

Delta-8 seems to be rising in popularity much faster than any other cannabinoid before it. But it’s important to tread with caution. With the fanfare and hype surrounding the chemical compound, there are countless vendors out there hoping to take advantage of unassuming buyers who skip the fine print.

Before you make that purchase, make sure you perform your fair share of due diligence. Read up, scout your options, and look for a trusted brand. This way, you can be sure you’re getting quality delta-8 that will do exactly as it promises.


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