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If you want to enjoy CBD without any intoxicating effects, hemp flower cigarettes might be an excellent option for you.

Unlike regular cigarettes, hemp rolls have no traces of tobacco or nicotine. Instead, you’ll find dried, smokable hemp with a high CBD content. They also won’t get you stoned as they contain less than 0.3 percent THC.

Of course, not all hemp cigarettes are the same. They differ in terms of taste, price, and overall quality. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of the best hemp flower cigarette brands to buy.

Redwood Reserve

Redwood Reserve hemp cigarettes pack organically farmed hemp flower sourced from the brand’s Oregon farm. The cigarettes are not rolled with hemp stalks, stems, or leaves. And according to the company’s lab reports, they don’t contain any of the harmful substances associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes, including:

  • Nicotine
  • Tobacco
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metal
  • Chemicals

Each of these pure-filtered hemp cigs averages between 75 to 100 mg of CBD (cannabidiol). Smokers mention that the high CBD content of these cigarettes delivers a rush of total relaxation and improved focus. And since they have less than 0.3 percent delta-9 THC, they won’t get you high.

If you’re struggling to quit smoking tobacco, Redwood Reserve hemp smokes may be just what you need. They look and feel similar to traditional cigarettes. And their high CBD content helps suppress tobacco cravings.

A pack contains 20 cigarettes and retails at a price of $12.99. You can also get loosies if you want a single cigarette. Overall, they have a noticeable hemp taste and offer a smooth smoke.

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CBD American Shaman Smokes

Sharman Smokes cigarettes feature 100 percent US-grown hemp, with each cigarette packing around 40 mg of CBD. Other cannabinoids present in cigarettes include:

  • 16 mg of CBG (cannabigerol)
  • 2 mg of CBC (cannabichromene)
  • Less than 0.3 percent THC

These premium hemp cigarettes come in a variety of good flavors, including original CBD, cherry, grape, and menthol. The original flavor tastes just like pure hemp. But the cherry, grape, and menthol-flavored hemp smokes have a crushable flavor ball in the filter. When you press the ball between your fingers, it releases the fruity flavor that complements the pungent hemp aroma.

Each pack of Shaman Smokes has 20 hemp cigarettes. A pack goes for only $9.99, which is more affordable than most other brands. The brand also offers sample packs that contain four cigarettes in each of the aforementioned flavors.

Sharman Smokes undergoes lab testing so consumers can know exactly what they’re buying. All you need to do is scan the QR code on your cigarette packaging for a comprehensive third-party lab report.

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Plain Jane Hemp Pre-rolls

If you’re looking for a tasty and discreet way to experience hemp flowers, then Plain Jane’s CBD cigarettes are a perfect option.

Every plain Jane hemp cigarette promises:

  • Zero nicotine or tobacco
  • A tasty odorless smoke
  • No additives or addictive ingredient

Each cigarette is rolled in fine rice paper and a filter tip, allowing smokers to enjoy smooth and clean smoke. The flavor is mild and light and releases soft earthy notes that are accompanied by a twist of pepper.

Each pre-roll stick contains between 60 to 72 mg of CBD. There are also traces of THC, although not enough to make you high.

Most fans of Plain Jane’s hemp rolls report getting a feeling of full-body relaxation, calmness, and happiness after smoking cigarettes. They also say that the onset of effects is faster and stronger than with other hemp cigarette brands.

Plain Jane’s hemp cigarettes are available in pre-rolled packs of three and 20. A three-count pack goes for $3.30, while a 20-count pack costs $12.99.

Crème Sugar

Creme hemp cigarettes from Sugar are hands down the best-tasting cigarettes out there. The cigarettes come in a blue-colored pack with a sleek design. The individual smokes feature blue-colored tips that guarantee a smooth smoke while delivering an enjoyable taste. Crème CBD smokes come in three distinct flavors: original hemp flavor, vanilla, and peppermint.

One cigarette contains 50 mg of CBD and delivers fairly strong effects. Users mention a perceptible and quick boost in energy and focus, making it perfect for daytime use. You can get a pack for just $11.50. And if you have reservations about its quality, you can always access the company’s lab test reports.

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Neurogan hemp pre-rolls are 100 percent organic. They feature handpicked full spectrum hemp flowers from Sunny California, efficiently rolled for an enjoyable smoke. Some of the cannabinoids present in cigarettes include CBD, CBG, and THC.

Neurogettes don’t contain harmful and addictive substances such as nicotine and tar. Thus, they are a natural tobacco alternative. Each pre-roll comes with a biodegradable filter and at least 60 mg of CBD. Users mention strong calming effects and an overall sense of well-being after smoking just one roll.

A pack contains neatly packed 20 neurogettes, which burn well. Even better, the hemp packaging is 100 percent recyclable. And while a pack sells at a costly $17.99, you can be certain you’re getting your money’s worth.

The brand tests all its hemp in third-party labs to reveal the strength of the respective cannabinoids.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to try out smokable hemp, consider the aforementioned hemp cigarette brands. They contain high CBD content, a cannabinoid known to produce calming effects on the body and mind.

The good thing is you won’t get stoned. Even better, hemp cigarettes look just like traditional cigarettes and won’t draw needless attention to you. And if you need to relax and unwind or dispel low moods, hemp smoke can help you achieve that.

That being said, you should use your best judgment when lighting up your hemp flower cigarette. If you’re in a public space, know how far you should be from schools or buildings, and only smoke in designated smoking zones.

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