The Best Exotic Hemp Flower Strains to Try

If you’ve been navigating the hemp market for a while now, they you’re probably growing tired of seeing all the same strains over and over again. Sure, Elektra and Lifter probably did the job way back when. But now that you’ve gained a little more experience and knowledge, it’s probably time that you explored what else the hemp market has in store.

Enter exotic hemp strains. Called ‘exotic’ for the fact that they’re hard to come by, these cultivars offer interesting effects as a result of their unique and often rare genetics. And while there are a lot of brands that allegedly sell ‘exotic’ hemp strains out there, not all of them are worth a shot, and this list should tell you exactly which ones you should keep an eye out for.


The Best Exotic Hemp Flower Strains


Purple Space Cookies

Now, here’s a strain you don’t see every day. Mostly popular in Canada, Purple Space Cookies is an herb that’s rarely found on store shelves in the United States. And it’s precisely this rarity that has made it a must-have for most hemp connoisseurs. Combining genetics from legendary cultivars Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies, Purple Space Cookies is a showstopping sativa that’s here to rock your world.

The herb starts off with a gradual relaxation that induces a potent body melt to keep you glued to your seat. As its effects reach its peak, the strain produces a sense of euphoria and may even have you talking more than you usually do. Because it keeps the body calm while getting the mind alert and sociable, the herb has often been described as the ideal party pick.



Also called ‘Ten Twenty Four’, this choice brags its strong citrusy flavor and aroma that captivate the sense for a fully immersive smoking experience. The delicious cultivar produces a light, airy smoke that’s perfect for low tolerance users who might not be used to the thick plumes of more hardcore herbs.

With its heritage being one of the best kept secrets in the industry, 1024’s proprietary mix has been concealed from public knowledge to prevent any copycats. That’s also why it’s so hard to find on the market, since there are very few who can cultivate the crop. Its strong flavor and energizing effects work wonders to wake up the system and make you feel at the top of your game.


Holland’s Hope

Hoping for something a little less energetic and much more mellow? Holland’s Hope has your back. First cultivated in the 1980’s, Holland’s Hope is an heirloom herb with a rich history. Developed for its hardiness and its ability to thrive even in unpredictable weather conditions, Holland’s Hope became a mainstay in many store shelves during its hayday.

Today however, Holland’s Hope is almost impossible to find through local vendors. Its effects are mostly relaxed, soothing and calming the head for a more mind-centric experience. In larger doses, Holland’s Hope might very well cradle you off into a problem-free slumber, ideal if you’re wrestling with anxiety and negative moods.


Comfortably Dumb

As its name suggests, this cultivar can get you extra numbed down. The strain touts a strong CBD expression that’s coupled with perfectly balanced effects. Combining an equal blend of relaxation and wakefulness, this herb places you in the perfect disposition for whatever life might throw your way on any given day.

Rich with the scent of pine and citrus, this dreamy sensory experience can get you tingling with a feeling of boiling excitement and anticipation. The slightly energetic experience produces a physical sensation that stimulates the muscles while rousing your cognition for a wakeful yet soothing encounter.


The Best Exotic Hemp Flower


Maui Bubble Gift

Leaning ever so slightly towards the indica end of the spectrum, Maui Bubble Gift is a strain that’s as fun as its name. Rich in CBD, this herb offers a clearheaded experience that’s perfect for those moments when you need to get away from it all. Its potent lemon flavor on the other hand awakens the senses and triggers an episode of sour jaws as its thick smoke crawls to the back of your throat.

Relaxing and calming, the Maui Bubble Gift reaches its peak by imbuing your system with a sense of uplifted euphoria. It’s also great for combating minor aches and discomforts to keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed, especially after physical exertion and exercise.


A World of Hemp Strains to Explore

Elektra, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy? Yeah, hard pass. While there’s definitely nothing wrong with these choices, they’re way too common on store shelves. There are a ton of hemp strains out there just waiting for you to discover them and give them a try, so there’s really no point in sticking with what basic vendors have to offer.

Delivering a unique experience that you’re not likely to find through the staples you find in store shelves, these exotic hemp flower strains pack distinct chemistry that might just have you seeing hemp in a whole new light.


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