Royal CBD Oil Review

Browsing through the Royal CBD website, it’s not hard to see that there’s an air of sophistication and class about the brand. Their clean branding, minimalist design, and alluring copy all work together to create a polished personality that draws in buyers who want nothing short of the finest CBD products.

The brainchild of a few self-proclaimed CBD experts, the Royal CBD brand came about when a group of hemp advocates came together to elevate the quality of CBD products available on the market. Using the latest and greatest technologies to ensure both potency and purity, the Royal CBD brand aims to provide buyers premier CBD oils that use all-natural ingredients.


Royal CBD Oil


Royal CBD Oil Review

A quick Google search of Royal CBD shows that the brand does get quite a lot of publicity online. They scored a perfect five out five stars on their Google Business Page, accumulating some 110 reviews from their buyers and patrons. It’s important to remember though that Google doesn’t verify reviews, so there’s no way to tell whether the feedback was left behind by actual buyers.

That said, one of the best places to get a clearer picture of what Royal CBD offers would be their own website. Their site uses Trustspot — a feature that works to make sure only verified buyers can leave reviews for each product.

And then of course, there are other sources of information for the Royal CBD brand. Numerous websites have posted about their products, customer support, and their brand in general. On the average, Royal CBD gets some pretty positive feedback from their buyers, mainly because of the quality and potency of their product selection.


What Does Royal CBD Offer?

As you might have expected, the centerpiece of the Royal CBD product line-up would be none other than their CBD oil selection. Presently, they only offer full spectrum oil which they sell in varying strengths including 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg.

The oils come in bottles of 30mL each, and are formulated to be gluten-free and all natural. But aside from their oils, it seems that Royal CBD has also earned quite the reputation for their CBD gummies. Theses are available in two varieties: 10mg or 25mg. Both strengths are available as dots or sour drops and come in a mix of three flavors: strawberry, orange, and grape.

Other honorable mentions on their line-up include their CBD Cool Relief Balm, CBD Roll-On Icy Menthol Gel, and their CBD Vape Calm Pens. For dog-parents who want to snag a little something extra for their pooch, the brand also offers CBD Dog Treats.


Royal CBD Pricing and Coupon Codes

Royal CBD Oil ReviewRoyal CBD’s products aren’t cheap, and in fact, they’re not trying to be. The brand’s range of CBD formulations are perhaps some of the most expensive choices available. Their oils start at $49 for their lowest strength and increase up to $229 for their 2500mg formula.

Gummies retail for $54 or $79, softgels for $84, and their CBD Cool Relief Balm for $74. Those in need of a quick fix against pain can cop the brand’s CBD Roll-On Gel for $59, while pet enthusiasts can get their hands on Royal CBD’s Dog Treats for as low as $39.

Now, we hear you — these aren’t exactly budget-friendly prices. And that’s why the brand lets you save up if you’re planning to purchase on a recurring basis. Their subscription offer shaves off up to 15% of the prices of their CBD products.

On top of that, buyers get the chance to purchase each item for less by buying more. For instance, a one-time purchase of four 500mg CBD oil bottles reduces the grand total by $90.

And finally, there’s the Royal CBD rewards program. Every purchase earns you points called ‘crowns’, which you can accumulate and use on future purchases. They also let you earn extra crowns by interacting with the brand on social media, referring friends, and subscribing to their newsletter.


The Verdict on Royal CBD

Sure, they’re not the cheapest CBD brand on the market, but whoever said that’s what they were going for? Royal CBD provides premium products that are made with all-natural raw hemp, offering their buyers unadulterated formulations that don’t fall short of expectations. And because they provide a number of ways for customers to save up on their purchase, the brand still manages to cater to consumers of all budget ranges.


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