PlusCBD Oil Review

All it takes is one look at the PlusCBD website, and you’ll know you’ve found a premier seller. This brand banks on nothing but pure science to prove to their buyers that their products are truly the best there are. In fact, their home page claims that they offer the number one selling natural hemp extract in all of the United States. Bold claims, indeed.

Working together with a number of health professionals, scientists, and researchers, the guys at PlusCBD have made it their mission to provide buyers with nothing short of the most effective product they’ll ever try. And with this kind of dedication to quality, you best believe their prices will reflect just that.


PlusCBD Oil



PlusCBD Review

Despite being a pretty well-established enterprise, the PlusCBD brand takes in feedback from anyone on the web. Sure, their products might have a bunch of reviews written about them on each individual product’s page. But because anyone can leave their two cents without even having to buy the stuff or to log into the site, it’s hard to tell which ones are true and which ones were left there to boost the brand’s reputation.

On the upside, there are other places to find reliable reviews about the PlusCBD brand. Reddit is often a informative haven for careful buyers who want to make sure they’re getting the best product for their needs. PlusCBD gets a bunch of mentions on various threads, with previous patrons detailing their experiences with both the company and their products.

In general, PlusCBD gets pretty good reviews on Reddit despite being a cut-throat scene for most CBD brands. Redditors tend to view PlusCBD as a reputable brand with good choices and potent products, making their offers well worth their prices.


PlusCBD Product Line-Up

PlusCBD offers quite an expansive range of products that covers all the bases, so you can get everything you need from their site. Their oils are sold under the category CBD Drops, providing you a modest selection to cater to your distinct needs.

They offer three choices, including their PlusCBD Oil Drops Max Strength Liquid at 1500mg, PlusCBD Oil Drops Extra Strength Formula at 250mg, and their PlusCBD Drops Total Plant Complex at 300mg.

They also carry what they call the PlusCBD Original Formula CBD Sprays that contain 100mg or 500mg CBD, depending on the blend. Flavors vary depending on the oil you’re buying, but they offer picks like peppermint and cafe mocha.

Although most people choose oils as their CBD product staple, the PlusCBD brand doesn’t consider their oil line as their flagship. Instead, they focus more on their softgel capsules which have become the brand’s main squeeze.

Their softgels come in strengths of 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, and a whopping 50mg per serving. For those who enjoy their Total Plant Complex blend, the formulation is also available in softgel form with each dose containing a sufficient 20mg of CBD.

Second to their softgels would have to be their gummies. They offer the product in two different strengths: 5mg and 10mg. They also come a modest selection of delightful fruity flavors like Citrus Punch and Cherry Mango. Tub sizes available include 30 count and 60 count tubs that should last a few months, depending on the amount you take in a day.

While there are quite a number of other products on the Plus CBD line, their CBD Balm is worth mentioning. Their CBD Balm blends combine terpenes, cannabinoids, vitamin E, and fatty acids to protect and nourish the skin and keep it healthy. Balms are available in tubs, and in convenient travel sticks for easy application on the go.


PlusCBD Pricing and Coupon Codes

Since they are a vetted, premium brand, you should expect that PlusCBD’s products come with pretty steep prices. Their oils for example sell for as much as $119.99 for just 1500mg. Their most affordable choice would have to be their Total Plant Complex blend that sells for just $29.99 for 300mg of CBD.

On the upside, they do help you save by offering a bunch of promotions that let you cut down your grand total. Aside from their free shipping offer on products over $45, PlusCBD also has a subscription program that delivers products on a routine schedule straight to your doorstep each month. The subscription can provide a 20% discount which significantly reduces the amount you pay.

If you’re looking to become a loyal patron, they’ve got a rewards program that provides a bunch of perks for repeat orders. And as with any other brand, they’ve got a newsletter feature that sends updates and coupon codes straight to your email if and when you sign up.


PlusCBD Oil Review


The Verdict on PlusCBD

There’s nothing quite as comforting as buying your products from a brand that banks on science. Offering a selection of CBD formulations that use high quality hemp and a combination of other natural ingredients, PlusCBD earns its rightful spot as one of the biggest names in the CBD biz.

Of course, their prices might not be too budget-friendly. But with their numerous money-saving options and promotional offers, even penny pinching CBD hunters should find a suitable product from their vast line-up.


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