Organix CBD Oil Review

With so many people interested in buying CBD whether out of preference or need, it’s only natural that brands increase in number. After all, any opportunistic business owner would see the promise that the CBD market holds. And while some of these sellers manage to deliver quality products that really give the herb justice, there are others that are in it plainly for the profit.

Touting all the red flags of an unscrupulous brand, Organix CBD just reeks with the foul odor of a poorly executed money-making scheme. From their sham of a website to their incredible claims, Organix CBD is the kind of brand that isn’t likely to fool a seasoned CBD enthusiast.



Organix CBD Review

Googling the Organix CBD name doesn’t even yield very relevant results. In fact, you might have to dig several pages back before you find the brand’s actual website, Unfortunately for the brand, their name comes way to close to a bunch of other vendors like Palm Organix and Hemp CBD Organix. But then again, that might have been part of their plan all along.

A little more snooping around will also show you that there aren’t any reviews for Organix CBD on the web. Without any information about them on forums like Reddit, it’s obvious that Organix CBD doesn’t have much of an online reputation. Even their own website is void of authentic buyer-generated content.

Without any social media presence, online reviews, or even any background information about the brand, where they’re based, and who operates them, it’s tough for any buyer to trust in the Organix CBD and spend money on their shady product.


Organix CBD Product Line-Up

There’s just one product on the Organix CBD line-up and that’s their CBD Oil. Based on information taken from their website, it seems that their oil comes only in one variety. The blend incorporates just 100mg of CBD for the entire 30mL bottle. That means that if you take a dose of about 20mg of CBD to experience its effects, you’d have to consume about a fifth of the whole bottle. Yikes.

Interestingly however, Organix CBD manages to parade a bunch of crazy claims along with their weak blend. They go as far as saying that the blend can provide instant mental and physical relief, reduce anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, and relieve pain. Even more interesting, the brand also claims that their oil reduces blood sugar levels and promotes bone growth. Just like magic.

Fortunately, the brand also indicates that none of their claims have been evaluated by the FDA. But even then, these bold statements are precisely the kind of marketing that most CBD brands try to avoid. The brand also doesn’t provide a lot of specific information when it comes to describing the formulation itself.

Based on their website copy, their oils are made from ‘organic and certified ingredients.’ Where that certification comes from, they fail to elaborate. They also say that their oils are formulated through a ‘special process’ (again, not specificed), and that buyers can ‘rest assured’ that they’re getting the ‘best quality hemp oil.’


Organix CBD Pricing and Coupons

They don’t list the prices for their products specifically on their page. Instead, clicking the ‘Start Your Order Here’ button redirects you to a different page entirely. As of writing, their order page doesn’t seem to be working, showing an error message whenever you try to visit it.

That said, you should expect the same when it comes to coupons and discount codes. The brand is non-existent on the web, save for their own site. So you won’t really find any vouchers for their brand no matter where you search. They also don’t use any social media, and they don’t have a mailing list which implies that they don’t really send out discount codes anyway.

The way they try to draw in buyers however is through their ‘free bottle’ offer. According to the call to action buttons littered all over their website, the brand offers a free bottle for anyone hoping to make a purchase. Do note however that since their order page doesn’t work, there’s really no way to get your hands on that freebie.


Organix CBD Oil Review


The Verdict on Organix CBD

If you’re looking for quality products that you can really say you’re happy to have tried, then you should steer clear of Organix CBD at all costs. With their oil clocking in a sorry CBD concentration, their product fails to satisfy a lot of the different considerations that make an oil truly worth trying.

Without any documentation or lab reports, and with outlandish claims plastered all over their website, the Organix CBD brand just wafts with the foul smell of a company that’s out here to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers who don’t know the ins and outs of the CBD market just yet.


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