My Natural CBD Oil Review

My Natural CBD is another one of those brands that banks on the ‘all-natural, unadulterated’ quality of their ‘premium’ CBD products. But how far do those promises actually go? Boasting a modest range of products sold at prices that push the ceiling of typical CBD, My Natural CBD tries hard to join the leagues of other hemp market juggernauts.

And while they might achieve that to a certain extent, there’s just something off about their website and their branding in general that might deter more discriminating connoisseurs and enthusiasts. But then again — is a brand’s aesthetic reason enough to turn them away?


My Natural CBD Review

According to the brand, they visited 2 continents, 11 countries, and 4 states to find the best hemp for their products. Needless to say, then landed back in good ol’ USA where they claim to presently source raw material for their CBD oils and other offers. Interestingly however, they don’t say exactly where they get their hemp from, failing to mention the specific location they determined was the best place to get hemp even after their introduction of trekking the globe.

On the website, the brand also talks about their ‘process’ in less than specific terms. They claim that they put their products through rigorous testing to ensure quality, potency, and purity, but then again fail to post any lab results on their website.

They also claim to use a unique manufacturing process that enables them to achieve natural production that results in wholesome CBD. However, they don’t detail the process, leaving tons of vital information out for readers to truly believe what their copy reads.

Unfortunately, it seems that the stuff posted on their website is the only information that buyers can use to learn about the brand and their products since there aren’t a lot of reviews about them online. That might be because of their generic brand name that could easily mess up Google search results, or because no one has really been moved enough to write about them after making a purchase.


The My Natural CBD Product Line-Up

There are only eight products on the My Natural CBD product selection, and four of those are oils. Their blends are available in four different strengths including 300mg, 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg. Do note that they don’t offer any unique flavors, and that all of their oils come in the standard 30mL dropper bottle.

If you do your fair share of reading, you’ll find that the information posted on the About Us page claims that their oils are broad spectrum. However if you look into the description and the packaging of each oil they offer, the labels say that they’re full-spectrum which again may cause a lot of confusion for more careful buyers.

Other items on their selection include their Nano Infused Micro Encapsulated CBD Muscle Cream which is basically just a fancy name for CBD cream. The blend brings together a bunch of essential oils like lavender and rosemary to help relieve minor muscle aches.

Of course, they also sell gummies which are basically a CBD brand staple these days. Their specific product offers 300mg of CBD in each bottle, but they don’t really say how many gummies are in each bottle or how much CBD is in each gummy. The label also reads THC-free, which means these are broad spectrum gummies.

Aside from their own CBD bath bomb which is pretty self explanatory, the brand sells Chill CBD Cold Brew bottles on their website. Chill is a completely different CBD brand, so it’s not entirely clear why they offer the product. But for those who want a quick and easy shot of CBD in a delicious coffee carrier, then the 2 ounce bottle might be worth it.


My Natural CBD Pricing and Coupon Codes

My Natural CBD isn’t a premier brand — let’s just put that out there. But even then, their prices prance around like they are. Their 1000mg oil sells for $159, which is about $0.16 per mg of CBD. Their 5000mg 30mL bottle goes for as much as $379 which you might consider highway robbery.

To make matters worse, the brand doesn’t really have a lot of discount offers either. Sure, they might give you 10% off for your first purchase and they might strip away shipping fees when you reach $75 worth of products. But beyond that, there aren’t a lot of other ways to save.

The Verdict on My Natural CBD

Without any reliable buyer-generated reviews about their products, low-budget branding, and website copy that just leaves a lot of holes in their story, My Natural CBD is shaping up to be just another one of those sketchy brands in a sea of choices. The fact that their products come at exorbitant prices doesn’t help either.

That said, if you were looking for effective CBD that comes from a reputable source that you can trust, then maybe My Natural CBD might not be for. But then again, if you’ve got a little extra to spare and you want to try something new, their products might be worth a shot — at your own risk.

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