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Mary’s Medicinals CBD Oil Review

Mary’s Medicinals is a brand that attempts to bring us back to our roots. With a firm belief in the power of hemp, this provider has developed a range of products that showcase the inherent benefits that are contained within the leaves of one of the oldest medicinal plants on the planet. Touting hemp as an ‘alternative to medicine’, the brand believes that healing and relief can be achieved through natural means by using carefully crafted products that use only the best raw materials.

With a modest yet diverse range of products, Mary’s Medicinals focuses more on quality than variety. Their products are all made from meticulously chosen hemp crops, and then go through rigorous third party testing to ensure both quality and strict compliance with their own production standards.


Mary’s Medicinals CBD Oil Review


More About Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals is one of the premier CBD brands presently on the market, offering a range of luxury products to those who have the extra green to spare. Their team is made up not only of hemp enthusiasts, marketing specialists, and management buffs, but also of doctors and scientists that collaborate with the team to create their distinct product blends.

With the joined knowledge of their group, Mary’s Medicinals has made it possible to formulate products that aren’t only appealing to the public, but also effective in what they aim to do. Their wholesome formulations combine science and nature to bring users a blend of all-natural wellness that’s backed by facts.


The Mary’s Medicinals Selection

Mary’s Medicinals CBD OilMary’s Medicinals categorizes their products into three distinct groups. These include transdermal and topical, inhalable, and consumable hemp products. While all of their offers have made ripples in the market, the most noteworthy would have to be their tinctures. Called ‘The Remedy’, their series of oils come in five different varieties to cater to users of different needs and preferences.

The basic CBD blend is available in both 500mg and 1000mg concentrations. But more than just CBD, these oils contain cinnamon oil, myrrh, and sweet almond oil not only to improve flavor, but also to maximize the natural benefits that the oil provides. Other variations of the oil include a CBD:CBN formula that mixes equal parts of these two powerful cannabinoids into one solution.

A pure THC mix is available for those who use the cannabinoid for its therapeutic benefits. Available only in a 1000mg concentration, a little goes a long way with this potent mix. And then finally, there’s the 1:1 formula that brings together equal parts of CBD and THC to help users obtain the benefits of the two most prominent cannabinoids presently known.


The Verdict

In terms of prices, Mary’s Medicinals is definitely up there with the other luxury, high-end CBD brands. Nonetheless, their impeccable product line-up and potent oil formulations can be well worth their prices. Do note however that if you’re a frequent CBD oil user, then their steep tags can be difficult to maintain in the long run. Then again, if you’re interested in uncompromised quality, the choices from Mary’s Medicinals should do the trick.